Common Cleaning & Hygiene Mistakes That Business Make


Like personal hygiene, it is important to keep your business premises clean and hygienic. Most businesses have a special team to maintain the cleanliness of their establishment, whether an in house cleaning team or an external professional cleaning company. Even if you have the best help on hand, there are cleaning mistakes that businesses make when it comes to cleaning and hygiene.

Read on to learn the most common cleaning mistakes businesses make, and how you can avoid them in order to keep your business in tip-top condition.

Not knowing the industry-wise cleaning method

If you don’t know the specific cleaning guidelines for your industry you can get into trouble. For example, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have very specific cleaning protocols. On the other hand, restaurants and hotelsin the US must follow FDA regulations regarding cleaning and hygiene as the business involves products for human consumption. Not being familiar with all relevant regulations and protocols is a common and very avoidable mistake. However, when you hire professionals from phs, you can stay assured that all industry protocols for cleaning will be followed.

Not having a checklist

It is important to create a checklist of all key cleaning jobs. This way you won’t skip any area and can ensure the entire premises are cleaned thoroughly. Bad habits can build up over time, or human error and communication problems can lead to things getting overlooked. Following a dedicated checklist will help to avoid such problems.

Focusing only on visible things

It’s a common mistake to overlook the things and places that we can’t see. This can include the top of cupboards and filing cabinets, behind office or kitchen equipment, under desks, and other such areas which are not immediately visible. If left unattended, pests can infest these areas, which in turn can cause a health risk. So, be sure not to forget about those ‘hidden’ places when you clean the office.

Using the wrong products

There are many different cleaning products on the market. Not using the right product may not clean your surface or equipment properly and may even cause damage. You should know which cleaning product is best suited for what type of surface. For example, a glass cleaner may not be appropriate for cleaning tough stains. Normal cleaning products may not work for heavy industrial equipment or office machinery – you may need to use special heavy-duty cleaning products. Without the right product, you will have a tougher time cleaning your space.

Not disinfecting cleaning materials

Apart from cleaning surfaces and equipment you must clean and disinfect the cleaning materials like mops and cleaning cloths as well. If you don’t, germs will spread all over the area when you clean the surface and equipment with these things. Dirt from the mop or cleaning cloth may stick to the surface and then you’ll need to clean the surface again. Why would you double your efforts and take twice the time?

Dusting using dry clothes

It’s a big mistake to clean dust with a dry cloth. You should always use a damp microfiber cloth for dusting as it will trap dust effectively. With a dry cloth, you will never get rid of the dust as well as a damp cloth.

Using abrasive material

Using abrasive cleaning products can damage surfaces and equipment. For example, if you use abrasive cloth to cleanyour computer monitor you will likely scratch the monitor. You must use a soft cloth to clean sensitive equipment.

Using water to clean electronics

Water can damage electronics and also fail to remove contaminants. You should use a dry microfiber cloth to clean electronic equipment. You can find sprays specially formulated for cleaning electronics – these are what you should use, and only those.

Using low-quality vacuum filters

It’s important to use the right vacuum filters to make sure that your office is dust-free. Many people use low-quality vacuum filters that throw dust back into the air and rather than trapping the dust effectively. It is essential to use high-quality vacuum filters to ensure that your site or office stays dust-free.

Not giving cleanliness training to employees

It is essential that your staff stick to the office cleaning protocol. To help make sure they do this, give them adequate training. After using the kitchen, for example, they must clean their mug or plate and be sure to wash their hands. After using the washroom they should alsowashtheir hands so that the surfaces they touch remain clean and germ-free. So, employee training on cleanliness and hygiene is absolutely essential.

Not having enough stock of cleaning products

You must always have a good stock of cleaning products on hand. Detergent, hand wash, sanitizer, toilet paper, kitchen towel, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, and other cleaning items must bewell-stocked at all times. Otherwise, it’s virtually impossible to keep your premises clean. Business owners and managers know that it’s difficult to keep their office or site completely clean. However, it is highly important to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and avoiding these common mistakes is essential to make sure this happens.