CloudOps or Cloud Operation

Cloud Computing
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Definition – What does CloudOps mean?

CloudOps or cloud operation is a part of cloud engineering which encompasses the process of managing and delivering cloud services and infrastructure to users. Under work operation, a CloudOps service provider or an engineer ensures peak performance and maintaining availability in order to satisfy the needs and expectations. This also includes ensuring security, compliances as well as keeping tabs on all operational costs. In simple words CloudOps or cloud operation is a part of cloud engineering where a company or individual manages, distribute and maintain cloud infrastructure to its internal and external users.

Let us explain to you:

Under the CloudOps or cloud operation, a company or an individual performs a process of operating and running cloud infrastructure and environment. It is ensured that all of the processes and resourced are managed properly to keep the cloud operation running smoothly.

What all operations are carried out:

  • Delivering cloud services and infrastructure
  • Optimize performance and capacity
  • Meet service level agreement
  • Disaster recovery
  • Maintain transparency and proper metering
  • Maintain compliance and configuration

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