Cloud Security Solution Providers in India


If you are looking for cloud security solution providers in India then you have definitely landed at the right place. We have listed more than 15 cloud security service providers to watch in 2019.

Nowadays, either most of the enterprises have already shifted their resources to the cloud or planning to, which in turn raises the security risks and creates barriers. As a demand and result of these security risks, many cloud security solutions companies are emerging out day by day.

Term cloud security or cloud computing security means protecting the cloud data or information from hacking, deletion, leakage or any online theft. This cloud security is offered through a group of application, firewall, VPN and other software and hardware combination. Companies those who offer security services related to cloud computing are therefore termed as a cloud security solution providers.

Here is the list of leading cloud security companies

Symantac: Symantec is the world’s foremost antivirus and cyber security companies that provides cyber security, cloud security and corporate security services.

Skyhigh: Skyhigh Networks is the leading players in cloud access security broker that helps enterprises to tackle data security challenges I the cloud by enforcing data security policies and defending against the threats.

Cisco: Cisco, a company that doesn’t require any introduction has emerged as a security leader in the corporate world. The company makes and sells high-security technology products and services across the world.

Fortinet: Fortinet is a Computer and Network Security Company that develops and promotes firewalls, anti-virus and security gateways. The company also deals in cybersecurity software to safeguard your public, private and hybrid cloud.

Twistlock: Twistlock is an Information Technology and Services company that provides uninterrupted and end-to-end security for containerized applications.

Netskope: Netskope is a leading cloud security company that uses some patented technology to provide security over various networks like remote, corporate, mobile etc.

Poofpoint: Proofpoint is a leading security and Compliance Company that offers enterprise and corporate level cloud-based encryption solutions.

Cipher Cloud: CipherCloud is a leading cloud security company that provides cloud security services to protect your data flawlessly and more effectively by incorporating data monitoring & protection, risk analysis, and cloud detection.

HYtrust: Hytrust is a cloud security company that has automated the security controls related to networking and computing. The company offers various services like cloud and virtualization security, cloud encryption, encryption key management, automated compliance etc. The company bagged few industry giants as clients are IBM Cloud, Cisco, Amazon Web Services, and VMware etc.

Sophos: Sophos is a hardware and software security company, provides security services between firewalls and endpoints with real-time aptitude. The company offers services like modernized plan or aim, improved safety, locating the threats more rapidly and exploring them, simplified enterprise-level security solutions etc.



Paulo Alto Networks


CA Technologies

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