Charter Spectrum Internet: Is it worth the money?

Charter spectrum internet

Choosing from various internet providers can be confusing and challenging. The competition between the major telecommunications company has always been fierce. Charter Spectrum is one of the hottest companies that covers around thirty-three percent of the US population. Right now, their internet services are available in 44 states with more than 28 million clients.

Charter Spectrum Internet is boasting a no-contract agreement and termination charges, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. These conditions are highly crucial to some customers and might even be alluring for some. If Charter caters to your area, you might be tempted to switch. However, let us get into the most important and even minor details regarding their coverage.

Spectrum plans and fees

Spectrum only offers three plans at the moment. Nonetheless, these plans offer no data caps and require no contracts. They offer a promo rate for your first year with around $20-$30 less than the regular rate. Check out the table below.

Spectrum Internet$50/month$75/month200MBPS10MBPS
Spectrum Ultra$65/month$95/month400MBPS20MBPS
Spectrum Gig$105/month$135/month940MBPS35MBPS

These prices may vary due to location, terms, and other additional fees. The three internet plans are primarily available in their service areas. According to Charter Spectrum’s spokesperson, the 200mbps plan will be open for the majority of their service locations as their lowest plan. In comparison, they feature a 100mbps internet plan for other locations as the lowest.

Spectrum Internet Assist

Charter Spectrum offers support for low-income households. The Spectrum Internet Assist is an affordable package that offers up to 30Mbps download speed and 4Mbps upload speed with no data caps. Like their other plans, it will come with a free modem and require no commitment. This low-cost broadband is priced at $18 per month, but you need to check with them if you are eligible.

Spectrum’s internet service areas

Charter Spectrum is the second-largest cable provider in the US. Their internet services operate in 44 states. To make sure, visit their site to check if they offer their services in your area. To make sure, visit their site if their services are available in your area.

Spectrum Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Cable Connection

HFC or Hybrid fiber-coaxial network works by using fiber lines to transfer data from one point to another. However, they use older coaxial cables in areas that require short travel, like small neighborhoods. Compared to DSL, satellite, and fixed wireless networks, the cable network is a better option for better download and upload speeds. Major providers like Charter Spectrum and Xfinity offer cable internet plans to provide you with more consistent download and upload speeds.

Is Spectrum Internet worth it?

The company is doing its best to offer straightforward plans with simple terms. However, there are some details people might overlook that can affect their decision-making. Here are some of the vital information you have to know before deciding.

1. No Data Limit Policy

Compared to other providers like Mediacom and CenturyLink, it does not offer data limits or cap on their customers. For hardcore internet users, ISP’s data limits are a nightmare. If you are subscribed to spectrum’s internet plans, you do not have to be mindful of your usage every month.

2. One-time installation charges

Charter Spectrum charges in-home installation services for $50-$200. However, these are temporarily suspended because of the COVID19 pandemic. As a substitute, they offer an installation kit you can pick up at their store or opt for delivery. You also have to pay ten dollars for the Wi-Fi activation and another ten dollars to activate the self-installation.

3. Free Wi-Fi hotspot outside households

A whopping five hundred thousand hotspots are available across Charter’s coverage area. The Spectrum Out-of-Home Wi-Fi network is free for every Spectrum internet customer. All they need to do is to connect to one of these hotspots, login, and enjoy unlimited internet outside their houses.

4. Skipping extra fees

Charter is offering a free modem for any Spectrum internet plan you avail from them. If you prefer to use your router, you may do so as long as it is compatible with their network. If you want to have a wireless network, you will need to pay $5 per month for their router.  With the numerous ISPs to choose from, it might be almost impossible to choose the best provider in your location. If you compare Spectrum internet to other companies, it can definitely give you a bang for your buck.