Chainway Unveils its Pioneering 5G UHF RFID Reader


In response to the escalating demands for heightened efficiency and convenience in the market, Chainway has officially introduced its inaugural 5G RFID solution—the MC50 5G UHF RFID reader. This cutting-edge UHF RFID reader not only accelerates 5G wireless transmission and features a spacious 6-inch display but also excels in UHF performance. It promises users a more streamlined and intelligent experience in data collection and processing, signifying a significant stride in technological innovation and product advancement.

The 5G Velocity Era

With the advent of 5G technology, the Chainway MC50 5G UHF RFID reader boasts accelerated wireless transmission speeds, substantially enhancing data transfer efficiency and delivering a more seamless operational experience to users.

Robust UHF Performance

Incorporating a proprietary ultra-high-frequency module based on the Impinj E710 chip, the MC50 showcases exceptional UHF performance. Its super high-frequency back clip design enhances convenience and flexibility in disassembly and assembly, catering to the efficient application needs of RFID technology across diverse industries.

Enhanced System Configuration

The MC50 operates on the Android 12 operating system, featuring an octa-core processor and optional configurations for extensive memory, ensuring a smoother system operation. This intelligent system not only delivers an outstanding user experience but also equips users with a broader spectrum of application scenarios. Amidst the thriving Internet of Things development, this handheld terminal emerges as a potent tool for various industries seeking to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Versatile Design for Varied Scenarios

The MC50 not only boasts powerful UHF functionality but also integrates barcode scanning, NFC, dual cameras, and diverse wireless data connections. The 6-inch large screen provides a clear data display, while the sizable removable battery and IP67 sealing rating guarantee device reliability in harsh environments. This renders the device highly applicable across a spectrum of industry scenarios, encompassing retail, logistics, and warehousing.