Chainway Launched a New Generation of Cost-Effective Handheld computer MC95

chainway handheld computer

Chainway, a leading global supplier of data capture devices in the AIDC industry, recently launched a high-performance handheld computer, Chainway MC95. The new handheld computer has been developed based on Android 12 operating system, and incorporated high-performance octa-core processor, 2GB+16GB/3GB+32GB memory, larger battery and higher durability, to deliver fast and smooth user experience which helps users cope easily with the data acquisition needs of various scenarios.

MC95 features an industry-leading Zebra scan engine and supports multiple scan engine options to provide powerful barcode scanning capabilities. It can read all common barcodes on the market, and can cope with low-quality barcodes due to multiple transshipment by express without fuss. Other features include optional NFC, camera, and stable and fast wireless connections which MC95 harnesses to provide flexible response to the widely varying needs of data acquisition tasks in different industries.

The long-life 5000mAh battery handles the requirement of high-intensity data acquisition applications effortlessly. It also provides a series of accessories, providing users with options of higher portability, more convenient charging modes and upgraded equipment protection, which can better meet the diverse needs of users with multiple scenario requirement.

Moreover, MC95 has undergone a series of specialized design and reliability tests to prove its superior robustness and durability, up to IP67 and 1.5-meter drop resistance. MC95 is well-protected to survive a wide range of common damages such as drops, bumps, scratches, water splashes, in day-to-day applications and easily cope with various demanding applications.

Powerful and rugged yet good value for money, Chainway MC95 is broadly applicable in retail, logistics, warehousing, power, finance, transportation, manufacturing, etc. industries, enabling users to significantly boost productivity and achieve higher return on investment.