Can Hadoop Help SMEs Shun Losses?


Hadoop, one of the most popular Big Data tool is used extensively by a wide range of firms of different shapes and sizes. Hadoop is a Big Data solution which is easy to use, therefore, companies do not have to invest a lot of time in learning or teaching Hadoop. Rather, Hadoop can be adopted and implemented quickly. Hadoop will, in fact, amplify the speed of operations and the efficiency of the Big Data activities in the company. Therefore, a lot of companies have already adopted Hadoop and many are interested in adopting Hadoop, as the solution is definitely very useful to make the most of Big Data.

Importance of Big Data for small enterprises

Big Data is everywhere. It is the collection of a huge amount of information, which is collected from various sources and is used for the betterment of the company. There is no doubt about the fact that Big Data is extremely useful for small-sized firms as well. As, small companies have to very careful while taking any step, and the pool of information and useful analytics helps them to take more informed decisions. This, in turn, helps the small or medium-sized firms to make only good and valuable decisions for the company.

But, when it comes to making the most of Big Data development, it is important to use only the best platform. A Big Data solution should not be just quick and efficient, but since small companies have to adopt it, this the best Big Data solution should also be pretty cost-effective. When it comes to choosing the best Big Data solution, Hadoop definitely tops the list of the choices, and the reasons are many. One of the key factors driving the success of Hadoop is surely the fact that it is extremely useful. At the same time, it is not complicated. Basically, the adoption of Hadoop not only helps the companies to make the most of their Big Data, but it also saves them from plenty of losses.

Here’s how Hadoop helps the companies to stay away from losses:

  • Hadoop makes it easy to understand the market

If a company has to stay away from the losses, and they have to become successful, then, firstly, they would have to understand the market and the industry they are stepping into. For this, they will have to gather a lot of data related to the old, present and future market conditions. At the same time, Hadoop also helps the firms to churn out valuable insights related to the competitors of the company. Hence, there is no doubt about the fact that Hadoop empowers the companies to have more understanding of the market. This eventually allows the firms to make much more efficient business strategies. Basically, small sized firms can’t afford to step into the market without being prepared. Therefore, with the help of Hadoop, companies can enter the market with full preparation and with superb strategies.

  • Hadoop allows the companies to grasp knowledge about their target audience

For small enterprises, it is extremely important to understand their target audience, their customers, their clients, etc. As, only when the small-sized firms who they are catering to, then only they will be able to serve them better. Hadoop development consulting helps the SMEs to get valuable insights which allow them to know the behavior patterns, the interest, the purchase history, etc. about the target audience or the customers. All this allows the firms to make better and more effective products, services and a lot more powerful marketing and sales campaigns and strategies.

  • Hadoop helps SMEs to make better financial decisions

One of the biggest ways through which Hadoop helps SMEs to stay away from the losses is by allowing them to take much more intelligent financial decisions. As Hadoop is all about the analysis of Big Data, therefore, companies get a chance to analyze the data related to their finances. This is very useful information which helps the companies to make much more planned and fruitful financial decisions. At the end of the day, smarter financial decisions prevent the company from any kind of losses. Therefore, it is extremely important for SMEs to not only adopt Hadoop but also to make the most of it.

Big Data is important for SMEs as well. It is just that they have to adopt the right Big Data platform in order to get the best possible insights from the tons of data sets.