Business Ideas That Can Work In a Pandemic Lockdown

Lockdown with corona icons

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a very huge impact on the world and every activity that makes things run. Many big economies had to be shut down for long periods of time as the virus ravaged through its ranks, killing thousands and spreading faster than a wildfire. Many people have lost their jobs, and it will take time for things to ever get back to normal. But life has to continue. The following are some of their business ideas that can flourish during this unprecedented lockdown.

Online Teaching

Schools have had to deal with closures for long periods of time, and this has impacted students negatively. Each year, there are syllabus requirements that have to be met, but considering the over six months that children have had to stay at home, that has already been disrupted. To make up for the lost times, online classes are the new norm. You could make a decent income by conducting online classes if you are a qualified teacher.

Online Deliveries

With physical movements curtailed for many months, access to food and other necessities has become a bit of a challenge for most people. This has opened up a very good opportunity for people who run online stores since they can deliver goods straight to people’s houses for a small fee. Online deliveries are efficient at this time because there is close to no traffic on the road due to the widespread lockdowns.

Dock Solutions

With all the time in the world and nothing constructive to do, this is the perfect time for people to start thinking about doing renovations on their lakefront properties; from boats, houses, and the docks. You could open a dock building company that offers floating bridge solutions to people who own waterfront homes. There will always be a need for docks and other related structures and that is demand that can make you good money.

Digital Marketing

This is another great idea that can be implemented from home. If you have some solid background in social media management, then you could make money running advertising and marketing strategies for companies from the comfort of your house. All you would need is a good internet connection and a good computer, and you will be set to go. With everyone locked indoors, all the attention is focused on internet spaces, which means there is enough audience just waiting to be impressed upon.

Freelance Services

For freelancers, this is the perfect time for them to shine. Whether you are a graphic designer, web developer, or an app developer, the demand for these services has shot up significantly as companies scramble to get back on their feet with the hope the lockdowns would ease up. If you have any of the above-mentioned skills, you could start your own small agency, working from home to create materials of all kinds for different types of clients anywhere in the world.

Virtual Assistant

The job description of a virtual assistant has evolved these days. It involves more than scheduling meetings and arranging daily activities. Virtual assistants are now handling marketing strategies, social media posts, responding to clients directly on your behalf, and so on. With everyone in their homes, communication between people and businesses has gone up sharply since movement is restricted. You could make a decent income by being a virtual assistant to multiple clients at the same time from your home.

Online Fitness Channel

There is so much you can create on YouTube during this time and make mad money out of it. For years, content creators have been making insane figures running YouTube channels, and now that everyone is spending most of their days inside the house looking at their phones, you’d make a killing. Start a fitness channel and get views by taking people through simple fitness routines in their own living rooms. Since gyms are also out of bounds right now, you will be surprised by how many people will turn to you.

Become a Funeral Director

Sad or opportunistic as it may be, we live in a capitalist world, and someone has to handle this end of the business. The pandemic has claimed over 850,000 lives so far and rising. Considering how infectious the virus is, funeral arrangements are being sped up to reduce the chances of the virus spreading further. 

You could step up and open a funeral home to help ease this burden of burying and cremating the dead while making a tidy sum at the end of it along with casket prices. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of here if you chose this route.


Judging from developments around the world, there are still no signs that this pandemic could end any time soon. Vaccines are in development, and until they become viable and easily accessible by the masses, the current state of events will continue to remain as they are. Whatever business idea you choose to go with, remember to take the necessary precautions when you step outside. Your Life and health are more important than making some extra dollars.