Build your Career in Blockchain for a Better Future


Evolution of Blockchain

Blockchain has made its own place in the world to enhance security and efficiency. If you are planning to embrace Blockchain, gear up to get well-paid with an exciting career. Blockchain’s evolved from cryptocurrencies to an era of contracts and distributed ledgers. Cryptocurrencies enable people to make transactions without the use of standard currencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoin are used to verify transactions.

Gradually, sectors like healthcare, entertainment, governments, real estate agencies, and financial institutions started to introduce smart contracts as each transaction has a time stamp and distributed ledger can’t be tampered. This helped them verify property records, data storage and manage customer’s identity.

It then evolved into decentralized applications to make the sectors rid of hacking. Decentralized applications are used to achieve consent, verify using digital IDs, protect IPs, manage media, and improve governance and healthcare. Hence, Blockchain has helped revolutionize the tech world.

Top Companies Hiring Blockchain Specialists

With the increase in Blockchain technology, Blockchain professionals are of high demand in various sectors. Get ready to make it big with the big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Bank of America, IBM, Oracle, Patron, Celcius Network, and many more. As the technical jobs are increasing, employers want to hire top Blockchain developers who are certified and can ensure smooth performance in the company . As a result, one needs to be certified to earn the respect and credibility in order to get hired with a fair amount of salary. After getting qualified, you can even grab the position of Certified Blockchain Engineer and Global Blockchain Leader. Be the one whom every organization trusts.

Positions you may grab in the top companies if you possess certain skills-

Blockchain Development

Software Engineer

The position is for someone who is a pro in writing code and builds applications. He should specialize in a suitable programming language to grab the position.

Front-End Engineer

They handle the front-end operations to create the interface and shape the user experience.

Back-End Engineer

The back-end engineer takes care of the operations that are out of sight. They are the backbone of any organization.


These engineers work with developers and the IT staff to oversee the code releases. They love scripting, coding, and are great in the deployment.

Quality Engineer

These engineers are responsible for maintaining the quality of the final product. They also make sure that products meet certain standards.

Technology Architect

They are accountable for the overall construction of the project.

Risk management in the blockchain

Blockchain Analyst Relations Manager

They are responsible to supervise relationships with the other analysts and play an important role in communication and marketing.

Blockchain Risk Analyst

These analysts are held for understanding and lessening the risks to the company.

BlockchainProduct Manager

A blockchain product manager manages blockchain projects and cooperates with the developers and clients. They ensure that the product meets specific measures.

Blockchain Marketing

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers look into the marketing activities that includes PR and Social Media.

Community Manager

These managers forge healthy and welcoming relationships in the community.


They spread awareness through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Blockchain web designer, UI/UX designer

They create UI that is easy to use and focus on maximizing usability and user experience.

Blockchain Strategy Manager

They are accountable to execute unique strategies to achieve goals and visions.

Getting into Blockchains require a lot of understanding of the Blockchain code and the benefits one can gain with the Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Certifications can open various opportunities for Blockchain Specialists. You may need various to go for various blockchain courses to grasp your dream job. With a wide scope that Blockchain offers, one cannot stay confined to his own space. The blockchain is a revolution that will be embraced by every industry in the coming years.