Boost Your Site Engagement Using Polls


If you are looking to monetize your digital presence you need to first take a look at your website. In the constant noise of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing etc. people tend to ignore the core idea behind creating a website and i.e. to engage the users. Higher engagement can lead to increased growth in traffic and help businesses increase their revenue. With thousands of websites being launched on a daily basis, only a few succeed in meeting their goals and these are invariably those that engage users. When your website is engaging it helps you in building a cult following with returning users contributing substantially towards your traffic. So what does it take to improve engagement on your website? To put it in simple words – some creative thinking and the use of polls. 

Engage and interact using polls        
Internet users don’t just consume information anymore. While the Internet was conceived as a medium of information and communication it has turned into a medium of interaction. The overwhelming popularity of the social media platform supports this notion. These platforms allow users to engage and interact within their community and with their favorite brands. Polls do quite the same on your website – they create more scope for interaction between you and your users and hence boost engagement. By their very nature, online polls tend to be interactive. A simple question and a few optional answers is enough to engage with your users. Compared to traditional marketing strategies polls are proving to be one of the best strategies to increase traffic, gather new leads and earn user loyalty. 

Poll makers make it a cakewalk    
Do you still believe in the myth that creating and launching polls is a herculean task? It may seem a big creative and technical challenge when you see one on your competitor’s website. But in the real world, it isn’t so and they are easy to create. Creating polls using a poll maker is really a cakewalk. It is as easy as building your social media account if we are to draw that analogy. Poll makers have been designed to meet the needs of average business owners. There is no need to hire a developer or sit with them for hours to create a poll.  Poll makers offer you a skeletal structure for you to build your engaging poll campaigns over them.

Polls makers come with an interactive dashboard that allows you to create and launch polls within minutes. You don’t have to worry about the creative side of the polls as you can choose from a wide range of built-in templates that you can customize based on your needs. As for the technicalities involved in the process, your poll maker would take care of that. You don’t need to work through HTML codes and not worry about bugs and other issues. If you have the questions and answers ready in your mind it would take you minutes to create a poll and launch in on your website. 

Polls complement other marketing strategies            
If you are exploring other digital marketing strategies such as SEO and Social Media Marketing, polls would complement them. While these strategies are focused on increasing visibility on your website polls engage the traffic that they bring into your website. Users love to share their views and express opinions in the online space and using polls you would offer them the perfect opportunity to share these with others on your website.

Polls also help in providing an incentive for your returning users. Every time they come to your website you can offer them something new. This works well for websites that don’t publish new content on a daily basis. But using polls you will keep the content on your website fresh and engaging.

Why Use a Poll Maker for Creating Polls?

  • Ease of Use– Poll makers is easy to use. There are no codes to work with nor is there any need to master a design tool. Their all-inclusive dashboard would let you gain complete creative control over your poll while a technical side of the polls is fully automated.
  • Lead Generation – Polls are one of the smartest ways to generate new leads for your sales team. A poll maker would allow you to integrate a lead-generation form within your poll. These forms enjoy a higher success rate compared to static form on the Contact page of your website.  
  • Real-time analytics– Real-time information on the activities on your website can help you edge past competition. Poll makers come with built-in-analytics tools that allow you to measure traffic and gain deep insights into the success of your campaign.

Choose a state-of-the-art poll maker and kick-start your poll campaign today. You will immediately see improved engagement on your website and also experience an increase in sales and revenue. 

Author Bio:

Mark Gill is a writer and marketing expert. He specializes in interactive content and spends most of his time online looking out for new things and implementing the best possible solutions for his work. He constantly explores trends in content marketing and uses them to increase engagement and ensure success. He has always strived for perfection and is surely on the path to achieving it.