Boost Team Building With These 5 Unique Corporate Events


The purpose of team-building in the workplace is to strengthen relationships with colleagues and foster a positive office environment. In addition to enhancing relationships, team-building can be educational and entertaining. If you’re wondering whether or not a team-building event will be a waste of time, rest assured that it will be well worth the effort and money spent. It’s an important part of developing a strong workforce. You can make it even more fun if you hire event management company Singapore for planning this event. Let’s delve into five unique corporate events that can help you cultivate effective teams.

1. Game Day

When you hear the word “game day,” you might think of attending a football, baseball or basketball event. For the purpose of team-building, game day can be very different. For instance, you can schedule an event that involves board games in the office where everyone participates in a group. This can include small groups or large groups. The possibilities are just as endless as the number of games that exist. The great thing about board games is there isn’t a lot of risk or liability involved. If you want to go outdoors, you can choose flag football or softball for game day. The goal is to have time outside of work where employees interact and communicate about non-work related topics.

2. Field Trip

Field trips are not just for elementary or high school students. They can serve as a great team-building tool. You can choose a trip to your local zoo or to a popular musical. It’s as simple as identifying events in your city that can accommodate a group the size of your team. A field trip can also involve visiting a local museum and you can integrate trophies and awards ceremony or a special announcement. Another field trip idea is going to the movies to see a popular film. These are all ways to get your team out of the office and interacting in a way that fosters positive relationships.

3. Golf Tournament

If you love spending time outdoors where there is beautiful scenery, consider planning a golf tournament for your team. When it comes to team-building, golf is both relaxing and fun. It’s something that many people want to learn, but never get around to it. When used for team-building, there is plenty of time to spend learning about each other. Golf is often a place where professionals join together for leisure time. It can literally be a breath of fresh air, especially if you choose a location like Blue Sky Golf Club in Jacksonville. They welcome players of all ages and they’re also affordable.

4. Nonprofit Marathon

There are a wealth of nonprofit organizations that plan fundraising marathons to support a worthy cause. This is a great choice for team-building because it’s a chance to give back to the community, while also building relationships with colleagues. A marathon enables co-workers to cheer each other on and feel a sense of accomplishment together.

5. Lunch Club

In many offices, there are often cliques that only involve certain people. When that happens, it can negatively impact morale, especially if you have individuals that are not well-connected. To make sure everyone has a chance to connect with others, you can organize a lunch club with a standing invitation. This means anyone can join in and feel welcomed. The only requirement is a standard time and location. The advantages of team-building are invaluable. It provides a chance to build relationships and improve morale. These are all benefits that positively impact bottom-line results because employees that work well together are more productive.