7 of the Best SEO SERP Checker Tools in 2021

SERP tracker tools

If you want your website to rank higher on search engines like Google and get more organic traffic, you must optimize the content based on the SERP analysis. Search Engine Result Page (SERP) lists results that the search engine throws up on a specific keyword query. The results are not only organic results but also include pay-per-click ads. 

Many SERP checker tools help you analyze top-ranking web pages and help to provide insights on the websites and keywords rankings. These rankings are for a specific keyword or content topic. This data is crucial for business owners and marketers to plan their SEO strategy accordingly and improve their rankings. The higher the ranking is, the greater will be the traffic leads and sales conversion.  

Here we will look at some of the SERP checker and tracker tools that provide the best results. The performance metrics of the tracker tools provide comprehensive data on ranking difficulty, position history, organic traffic, keyword difficulty, etc. The analysis will allow you to tweak your SEO strategy. For example, replacing selected keywords with low-difficulty long-tail keywords will help bring better results.


Zutrix.com is a complete Rank Tracker Suite that provides complete solutions to a business or internet marketer’s needs. This tool is the most preferred because of its simple features and high AI-powered accuracy on search results. Because it provides all the tools for SEO tracking, there is no need to look out for any other tracker tools.  

Some of the features of Zutrix tools:

  • Tracks keyword position on Google
  • Provides real-time notifications of ranking change
  • Provides meaningful keyword analysis and recommendations
  • White label Report – professionally presented detail reports 
  • Keyword planner-helps research on relevant keywords suitable for specific businesses
  • Accurate search results powered by AI
  • Allows integration with Google Search Console
  • Provides daily reports to the user by e-mail
  • Allows sharing of the report via unique links
  • Free tool up to a specified keyword limit. 
  • Attractive paid plans 


SEMrush allows users to evaluate their content in addition to carrying out competitor analysis. It enables users to access the data on top-performing pages, contents, and keywords. This SEO tool is effective for keyword research, SERP, PPC, backlinks, and ad campaigns and is helpful for eCommerce entrepreneurs and website owners to understand the SEO strategies of their competitors. These features ensure that it is one of the most popular SERP tools among SMEs.

Key features of SEMrush

  • Analysis of competitors strategies 
  • Tracks current and historical website ranking
  • Finding opportunities for CPC advertising
  • Conducts keyword research for higher content ranking
  • Allows technical SEO audits and estimate user experience
  • Provides research report on an advertising budget of competitors and strategize ad campaigns
  • Tracks top ranking keywords used by competitors.
  • Enables the user to see competitors Product Listing Ads and product feeds.
  • Traffic Analytics – provides data on website traffic. It also helps you understand consumer search behavior.


This tool allows a maximum of 5 keywords tracked per day with its free version. However, it is a highly advanced tool that facilitates deep rank tracking and workflow optimization insights. It is different from other tools as it has an image recognition system that curtails ranking errors. The additional feature allows users to see the previous ten days of ranking and check for any discrepancy.    

Another feature is that it shows the exact ranking position of the website domain for the keywords entered into their checker. 


It allows viewing the first three ranked websites in their free tool version based on the targeted keywords. Unlike other tools, it has many free SEO tools to use and test its website performance. The paid version allows a user to improve their SEO in an organized manner. However, it does not allow multiple keyword ranker entries, and one can only search for one keyword ranking. One unique feature is that it provides free learning materials from its weekly SEO tutorials. 


Another keyword rank tracker is Whatsmyserp. With this SERP tool, one can track keywords for unlimited domains using target keywords. It is an attractive feature for a free version. It brings forth an excellent opportunity for the SERP checker to follow the competition. By allowing you to check 100 top Google Search results for multiple keywords, this is a bonus.

Also, its desktop version and mobile version will throw different results for the same keyword search. Another advantage is that it allows on-demand checking features. As keyword tracker automatically updates and often Google new updates push one’s rankings; this feature allows one to refresh one position any time. 


This tool allows one to check SERP results on all search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Google.

It has a range of features such as 

  • Provide top-ranking accuracy and break down ranking results, location-wise, language-wise, individual web page-wise, and more.
  • Special keywords and groupings such as keyword clustering feature enhanced content strategy. 
  • Tracks competitors live and across all search engines. 
  • This tool ensures increased conversion rates with the best insights on performing keywords. 
  • It offers advanced analytics features like trends and upcoming opportunities. Thus, it facilitates comprehensive reporting on hourly, daily, weekly monthly performance with average positions and keyword visibility—also, easy export of the report to other formats.
  • Allows the user to search for language. This tool provides reports of different devices and reflects any difference in rankings.


If you are looking for a straightforward SERP tracker, then AccuRanker offers top search results the same as how Google will show. It is a 100% free SERP tracker tool that gives instant, location-specific and accurate search results. If you want location-specific rankings, the AccuRanker tool will enable you to check the rankings from different locations. Other features include Ad results ranked according to the relevance of the search. In addition to the standard SERP features of other tools, it has review and “related Question” options available. 

SEO Tool Summary

For marketers working on SEO strategies, there are different options available while selecting the SERP tracker tool. These tools effectively provide the right keywords to improve organic click-through rates (CTR) and make the website more visible. We hope you enjoyed this article here today. If you did, be sure to check out each of the SEO tools and websites listed above. Each of them are unique in their own way and will provide a ton of tools and insights in helping you rank higher in Google.