Best 5 Tools for Split PDF


Today, we have access to everything via a few clicks. The same goes for finding a few tools that come in handy to get the job done, to split pdf into different small files or eliminating the part you don’t find necessary to have. However, it was never a tough job to split pdf files for your convenience. Now, you have multiple tools with enhanced performance and several other options not to limit you to splitting only. You can also do further editing on your files during the process.

1. Sejda

To split PDF files free, you can use this tool as it is compatible with almost all browsers and operating systems. It also allows you to preview your pages before the final extraction reducing the chances of error and saves time. Moreover, this tool comes with an auto-delete feature, and hence, whatever you upload on the website of Sejda will be deleted after a couple of hours.

The only disadvantage is it only accepts PDFs that are smaller than 50 MB.

2. knows all about your requirements and expectations for obtaining a high-quality split pdf result. This tool may serve all your needs rather than only splitting PDF files for free. You can edit, convert, delete, compress, merge, rotate, and do various functions using the free tool of

It is also compatible with different browsers and can provide you with the best output without causing any problem.

3. Small PDF

It is the best tool for those who like simple and easy steps to split their PDFs. It’s pretty easy to understand by a layman and operates in all browsers and operating systems. Though it offers two types of splitting options, one is free, and the other is not.

Rather than splitting, you can also merge your PDF files altogether. Not only that, it facilitates you to merge the particular pages from different PDFs into a single file without going through the process of extraction.

It also takes care of your privacy. Therefore, the files and documents that you upload are automatically deleted only after an hour.

4. PDF Merge and Splitter

Just like its name, this tool can be used for dual purposes. You can either merge more than one PDF file or page from different files into a single PDF or use it to split the whole PDF into fragments for convenience to store and use. Large files are often not shareable via different applications. That’s why this splitting tool helps to split and divide the pages among different files.

This tool also provides the option to review your pages before the final call.

5. iLovePDF

If someone wants a quick and easy solution to split PDF files free, here it is. iLovePDF is considered one of the easiest tools for all beginners and professionals. The process to split PDF files is also very simple. You can upload the file from Google Drive, Dropbox, or a computer. It presents you with two different options to split PDFs, where you can choose anyone based on your requirements. Moreover, the speed of creating individual, separate files after splitting is quite impressive.

Final Words

How to split PDF files to extract the desired portion of a large document seems quite easy with these tools. However, we often need to split our PDF files for various reasons. Hopefully, these tools will meet your requirements in different conditions.