Benefits of Giving Away Swag Bags at Corporate Events


Rolling up to a major event with swag bags in tow is a strategy which many businesses use. Of course unless you understand why this works, you might think that it is an unnecessary expense or even an extravagance reserved only for the biggest brands.

To remedy this, here is a brief overview of the advantages that come with handing out free gifts to event attendees.

Building brand recognition

Branded freebies are one of the best ways to cement your business’ reputation with prospective customers, clients and partners. This is especially important for up and coming companies which have yet to develop the kind of brand recognition that their rivals already enjoy.

Furthermore, by going with one of these suggestions for swag bag contents, you can be pretty creative about how you define your brand. This can be through a combination of practical products and treats, or whatever concoction fits in with the ethos and culture that your organization embodies.

Generating good will

While a swag bag may seem like a transparent attempt to ingratiate yourself with corporate event-goers, the fact of the matter is that it works.

Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and the more generous you are with your goodies, the more fond feelings and positive vibes you will spread when it matters most.

It is not just about making your brand more recognizable, but also about creating favorable associations and memories in the minds of the people who could ultimately help to take it to the next level.

Targeting a particular audience

Another advantage that comes with curating swag bags is that it will force you to think about what the individuals in your target demographic will actually want to receive as part of this free package.

Doing this will let you get a better idea of the values of your company, while also letting you pinpoint potentially actionable insights relating to what will click with your audience.

Whether you are emphasizing the cutting-edge nature of your operations, focusing on sustainability or simply aiming to portray your business as fun and youthful, these are all aspects that can be encompassed and quantified within a seemingly simple swag bag.

Pursuing a marketing strategy that endures

At the end of the day, swag bags are all about marketing your business effectively, and what makes them well positioned to achieve this is that the branded products you select could have a long term promotional impact.

While some freebies are intended to be consumed and discarded immediately, others can be used and re-used for months or even years. From wearable goods to branded items like umbrellas and USB memory sticks, these products will act as persistent marketing for your business.

All of this means that it is almost essential to bring swag bags to corporate events and, perhaps more importantly, put a lot of thought into choosing what to include, as the right combination of products could help to build momentum for your business.