7 Environmental & Social Benefits of Biogas

Biofuel industry illustration

Biogas is a type of biofuel produced by organic matter breakdown like food scraps, crop leftover, manure etc. without any oxygen. The organic matter breakdown in the absence of oxygen is called anaerobic digestion.

It is done in large containers called digester where bacteria transform these organic wastes to methane gas. Biogas is usually a blend of methane and carbon dioxide. The resultant energy can be used to cook food by burning it in oxygen presence.

Similar to natural gas, you can compress biogas and use it to fuel automobiles. You can purify it and upgrade it to natural gas and convert it to biofuel also called bio-methane.

Benefits of biogas

#1 It is a renewable source of energy

The raw materials used for biogas production is renewable. Crops can continuously grow which means crop leftover, manure and food scraps will constantly be accessible.

#2 It is environmental friendly

Production of biogas doesn’t need oxygen which means there isn’t any combustion involved which further means zero release of greenhouse gases to the environment.

Though carbon dioxide is produced in the anaerobic digestion and while using biogas but, the carbon dioxide produced is very less in comparison to that produced by fossil fuels.

#3 Reliable

As biogas is produced from renewable sources, it is reliable. While you need to know the weather patterns to get energy from sun and wind, biogas production continues irrespective of it. Hence, the production goes uninterrupted, round the clock.

#4 Lower waste for landfills

Landfills have a deep environmental impact like foul smell and hazardous liquid drainage into underground water. So, rather than disposing these organic material to landfill, you can use them to produce biogas.

#5 Small capital investment

Biogas plant can be developed anywhere with the help of locally available sources. The result gas can be used to cook or generate electricity. The raw materials needed to produce biogas are crop leftover, wastewater, manure etc. which are available for free. Hence the cost of biogas production is very low.

#6 Low water pollution

With every passing day, the availability of fresh water is decreasing. Hence, people should do everything to lower water pollution. Biogas helps you do that. It controls the amount of wastage going to landfills and thereby helps in stopping water pollution to some extent.

#7 Low reliance on fossil fuels

Countries are investing in the biogas sector. It has helped them in cutting on fossil fuel usage. The cut back lowers their reliance on oil, gas and coal. With so many benefits, using biogas is a boon for everyone. Ductor’s is a biogas company that brings you amazing biogas technology. The company uses advanced methods to produce biogas via a biological approach. It enhances the economics of biogas production through cheap and ample raw material, higher yield. It allows the removal of more than 60 per cent of nitrogen in organic waste. With Ductor’s technology, the producers of biogas can replace costly maize silage with cheap poultry manure as biogas feeds/tock. So, go ahead and go for it.