Benefits of adopting a cloud-based phone system

Benefits of adopting a cloud-based phone system

The world of business is adopting cloud technology at the speed of light. Among many other divisions, one of the most famous and useful ones is cloud-based phone systems, which help businesses increase efficiencies exponentially. There is a lot that can be achieved with a cloud-based phone system, which directly increases revenue.

This post discovers the top benefits of adopting a cloud-based phone system.

1. Flexibility like all other cloud systems

The best part about any cloud system is the flexibility that it offers.

As remote work is becoming a crucial part of every business, cloud-based phone systems allow you to access all phone services of your business from your mobile phone. All of your team members can access every bit of information and take action from any place.

This flexibility comes with a plethora of features that we discuss in this post. Features are only getting enhanced with every passing day with industry-leading solutions like the Microsoft phone system.

Along with that, you get enhanced control over what all is happening, and you can limit the access for any user while having knowledge of every activity.

2. Security

Security has always been a concern for every business owner. Cloud-based phone systems offer one of the highest levels of security and peace of mind as you scale.

All of the call details, recording, activity, leads, and much more is recorded in the cloud, and you won’t have to worry, as is the case with on-site hardware, which is prone to several issues.

3. The cost factor

Cloud-based phone systems offer significant savings in terms of cost.

On-site hardware phone systems involve a lot of investment in hardware, along with maintenance and IT costs. This is not the case with cloud, and you get an enhanced level of features with a reduced cost.

The cost per call is also significantly lower, and you get to pay only what you use in comparison to fixed plans with on-site systems.

4. A plethora of features

Cloud-based phone systems come with hundreds of in-built features, which empowers companies to achieve much more than what they do without these solutions.

Some of the interesting solutions are –

  • Transfer calls to any member of the team instantly, which the other user can access from any device
  • Storing of all call recordings along with information like Talktime, etc.
  • Customizable music while users are on hold
  • Transfering of call data to CRM to analyze deeply
  • Access of phone system on any device including phone, laptop, and tablet
  • Real Time reports and day to day reports
  • Personalized numbers for every department/user
  • Multiple CRM features
  • Automated messages before every call
  • Conference calls for hundreds of members at the same time
  • And many others

5. Sales and marketing support

You can easily manage and expand your company’s sales and marketing operations just from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Some of the features dedicated to sales and marketing are –

  • Bulk SMS system to generate leads
  • Real Time reports of your cold calling operations along with monthly reports to focus on areas that can be improved
  • Increased efficiency of sales staff with features like automatic dialing
  • Automated drop messages
  • Automated menus to qualify leads and send them to the right person
  • And many other functions

6. Improve the support division

A lot of features in the phone system are designed to smoothen the support division of the company. You can easily integrate the phone system with the company CRM or ERP and manage everything in one place.

Accessing reports of the support staff call recordings, reports, and others is available at the click of a button.

7. Customizations

You can easily customize every aspect of the phone system. The dashboards that you and your company use will have your branding.

You can customize every menu item to suit your needs. You can even customize the level of access for every member.

One of the best customizations is hundreds of phone number options, which you can choose for your team members or departments. You can also choose to have different internal numbers and separate ones for the customers.

8. Updates and maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze with cloud-phone systems as the companies come out with constant updates that are done every once in a while.

You also get strong 24 hours support to help you with any kind of issue you might face.

This also equates to higher scalability as you don’t have to invest huge amounts as you scale. In conventional systems, scaling meant paying for expensive hardware and getting bigger plans.

But with cloud-phone systems, you just have to pay for the additional numbers that you buy along with extra minutes. The company will take care of the extra server space required to host your data.


Cloud-phone systems are the future and are helping companies achieve greater goals and revenue. With all these benefits, there are no practical reasons not to adopt cloud-phone systems!