ATVs & UTVs: What Are The Differences?

ATVs & UTVs What Are The Differences

The All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a four-wheel vehicle that can travel almost anywhere; they are used to assist farmers in their work, for recreation and for specialist sectors. The alternative name for the ATV is the quad, which is used mainly in the UK, while in other parts of the world, the vehicle is known as an ATV. The ATV is designed for a single rider and has handlebars much like a motorcycle and is very popular for recreational use.

The Utility Task Vehicle (UTV)

This vehicle is designed for 2-4 people, with 2 rows of 2 seats including the driver. It is mainly used for work environments. Other names include SxS and side-by-side, with a cabin as shelter; this vehicle is driven like a car, with a steering wheel and foot pedals. Ideal for taking workers to the site, the UTV is normally 4WD. Some have the option of 2- or 4-wheel drive. There is ample storage room for tools and equipment, which means a team of workers can get to the required location along with all their gear. The UTV is also used to ferry people around large facilities and seat belts are installed, along with a roll cage to protect the occupants in the event the vehicle rolls.

Which Is Suitable?

If you are looking for a workhorse with people and storage space, the UTV is for you, but if you’re looking for some solo adventure, the ATV is the machine for you. Quad riding is big in the UK, which is why you would want to check out the leading quad dealers in the country; Quadbikes R Us offers cheap kids quads as well as for adult ones. You may also want to find quad dealers with great reputation in other locations through a quick online search. It won’t be hard to find one that offers low prices and a 5-star service. If you have yet to experience riding an ATV, search online for quad riding venues and you can browse the many websites and find one near you. Rent a 500cc machine and take the first steps to becoming a competent quad rider; you can even book a novice riding class, where an expert teaches you handling and safety on a range of surfaces.

Towing Capacity

This is where the UTV comes out on top; it has the power to tow several trailers and with 4WD, the vehicle can go most places. This is ideal for large civil engineering projects and forestry work, or any remote environment where work is carried out. Just as at home on tarmac, the UTV ticks all the boxes for industry and with a choice of cabin or open, these amazing vehicles can be customised.

Quad Riding For Fun

The world has seen an explosion of quad riding venues to cater for the surge in popularity; adults and kids enjoy the natural tracks and trails, with varying degrees of difficulty. Why not book a rented quad and try a basic course? You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!

Whether you have your heart set on a quad or a UTV, search with Google for a leading dealership near you and see what they have to offer.