How to Attract More Listeners on SoundCloud?


SoundCloud is a multi-faceted platform for musicians and music lovers who want to promote, share, and listen to music online. For an independent artist, there’s no better place to make a name for yourself. The thing is, you’ll need a massive following before that happens.

That’s why we’re talking all about how to attract more listeners on SoundCloud. Creators need a consistent stream of new listeners to stream their tracks in order for their accounts to rise in the ranks and provide a promising path for their music career.

There are thousands of SoundCloud pages competing for more listeners. But luckily, there are more than 175 million users worldwide just waiting to hear an exciting new beat, so don’t worry if you’re just getting started.

For many artists, building a fan base is one of the most rewarding aspects of making music ‒ listeners often provide a sense of purpose, inspiration, support, and the social proof necessary to open up opportunities to further your career.

Ready to attract those listeners? With some creativity and devotion to your craft, our nine essential tips are sure to get you there.

9 Tips to Attract More Listeners on SoundCloud

The following tips will explain the best solutions we’ve found for increasing SoundCloud listeners and building a fan base you’ll cherish. So let’s get started!

1) Create the Best Music Videos

Although SoundCloud is an audio-based platform, there’s no denying that the internet as a whole is centered around visuals. For artists creating SoundCloud tracks, those visuals should come in the form of high-quality music videos.

Music videos are great tools for marketing your music across multiple platforms and, ultimately, bringing people over to your SoundCloud account as new listeners. Collaborate with videographers, post online, and provide links to your SoundCloud.

2) Build Relationships with Others

Building a bigger fan base doesn’t have to depend solely on algorithms and hashtags. It’s important to develop real relationships with others while promoting your music; people are more likely to check out your work when they’ve had a personal interaction.

Bring out your inner social butterfly by expanding your network with other artists, producers, promoters, and fans of your musical genre. Not only will this increase your listeners on SoundCloud, but it will make your music more rewarding, too.

3) Use “Buy Links” Opportunities

If you want your SoundCloud profile to look more professional, try building it out and including a buy button, allowing fans to purchase your tracks on other platforms like iTunes or Band Camp.

Adding this feature will help you build a fan base that listens to your tracks regularly. So when you drop a new song, your listeners will head over to your SoundCloud account without a second thought.

4) Release Remixes of Your Songs

Any reason to upload a track is a good reason. That said, don’t be afraid to experiment with remixing your tracks and publishing them. Uploading other people’s remixes of your music will also help your account, even if it’s a different genre.

SoundCloud recognizes accounts that upload tracks often and will likely reward you by making it easier for your page to get discovered by new listeners. Plus, the more you collaborate with other musicians, the more your audience grows.

5) Make Music Regularly

As mentioned, the SoundCloud algorithm appreciates consistency in creator accounts, so regularly sharing your music on the platform is essential for getting more exposure and ramping up your audience online.

Whether you publish twice a week or twice a month, try to make your upload frequency dependable. Create a music-making schedule, if needed. You’ll find your plays on SoundCloud increase when people know when to expect new music from you.

6) Gain Massive Reach Via Other Social Media Platforms

To get the fan base you’ve always dreamed of, your outreach is going to have to extend farther than just SoundCloud. Utilizing other social media platforms is a promising tactic for SoundCloud promotion; just make sure you always share links to your music.

Cross-promotion is effective because it allows you to be discovered on other social media platforms and attract new listeners that may not be browsing SoundCloud on their own. Plus, it’s fun to create a brand for your music with photos, videos, and graphic art.

7) Make Use of the Spotlight Feature

For most people, a quick scan of an account or website will quickly tell us if we’d like to move on or learn more. SoundCloud’s spotlight feature utilizes this psychology by letting artists pin up to five tracks at the top of their SoundCloud account.

Make sure to choose tracks with the most plays, and those that you feel are your finest work. That way, when new listeners land on your page, they’ll see the best of you from the get-go and stick around for more.

8) Promote with SoundCloud Ads

If you’re ready to invest more in your music, SoundCloud promotion is a great option that lets SoundCloud do the work for you by recommending your tracks and attracting listeners to your account.

This route can be costly, but it’s a good option to try if you can’t manage to take more time promoting yourself. Plus, many people would rather spend time on SoundCloud and see the occasional ad from a real artist than the endless radio station ads.

9) Increase SoundCloud Plays by Buying

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With a little creativity, planning, and a dash of optimism, you, too, can attain SoundCloud stardom! We hope these savvy tips aid you in your path as a musical artist and SoundCloud connoisseur. Stay dedicated to your craft, work hard, and you’ll surely find success!