What is Assignar? Construction Operations Software

Assignar construction management software

The construction industry is one of the most important contributors to the gross domestic product of any country and employs a significant number of people. After seeing a healthy growth of 8% in construction spending in 2021, the United States engineering and construction sector got off to a solid start in the year 2022.

However, like any other industry, the construction industry has its fair share of challenges. The cyclical instability of the construction sector can be mitigated to some degree by the application of standardized management strategies supported by technological tools.

In particular, having supply chain management in construction that is both efficient and open to communication is essential to guaranteeing safety, productivity, and adherence to schedules, and it is the foundation of a fruitful construction endeavor.

This article will discuss a contemporary solution for construction management called Assignar, including its features, cost, and the ways in which it can assist you in improving the efficiency of your business processes.

What is Assignar?

Assignar is a unique type of construction management software that allows you to manage construction schedules, equipment, time logs, customizable forms, compliance, billing, and payment execution.

It can improve project management, workforce organization, claims avoidance, and business development. It was designed by subject matter specialists to help in the simplification of your operations.

The field-collected data can be shown in a number of ways to provide graphical insights into the operations.

The Field Worker App is an invaluable tool that can be used to check in from the system, submit timesheets and paperwork and is easy to integrate into your business’ accounting software.

What are some of the advantages of using Assignar?

Here are eight of the many advantages of using Assingar for your construction business:

1. Have complete control

You will be able to record the status of everything that takes place on-site and can receive real-time progress reports on what is taking place in the field. Locate and make a record of any impediments or vulnerabilities to the deadlines you have set for your task, and then take the appropriate action as soon as possible.

2. Better time management

Using Assignar’s timeline view, individual workers or assets, multiple employees, or full crews can be quickly assigned to projects based on workforce availability and credentials. This process can take place in real-time. You can be assured that you have assembled the appropriate team for the task at hand thanks to the role-based suggestions and conflict warnings that are built right in.

3. Ditch the old ways of doing things

When using traditional techniques, you will need to spend a significant amount of time arranging work orders, using post-it notes and whiteboards to monitor the progress of the project, and hunting for documents forever. In usual conventional methods, someone is always preoccupied with worrying about the condition of both the people and the equipment.

4. Centralization of processes

Assignar gives you the ability to centrally manage, plan, and deploy both employees and equipment from a single place. You are able to email information about the workplace directly to the office. You have the ability to gain more visibility into your operations, which will allow you to enhance those operations, boost your earnings, and develop your business endurance.

The senior staff can utilize the field worker app to generate work orders, add roles, persons, and equipment, as well as change the construction timetable, with only a few swipes or clicks.

5. Raise both production and availability rates

You will be able to function more efficiently with the proper crew and construction equipment on each assignment in accordance with the criteria that you define. Because of this, there will be an increase in total uptime.

6. Make your business’ HR procedures more automated

There is no need for paper, Excel spreadsheets, or phone discussions when you use Assignar. Users are able to enter information into digital timesheets, which can then be instantly processed thanks to linkages with the accounting system.

The use of geolocation, time stamping, and real-time tracking results in more accurate time recording, improved forecasting, and more expedient payroll processing.

7. Compliance from employees and maintenance of equipment

To guarantee that your equipment serves you effectively for a longer period of time, all you need to do is keep track of the maintenance schedules and records for it, in addition to gaining insight into how it is used.

With documentation that is legible, easily available, and easily tracked, you can rapidly handle the documentation your workers generate, save money on insurance expenses, and stay out of legal hot water.

8. Get better at making decisions

You will obtain data that can be put into action, which will help you to improve the decisions you make about your construction operations. The jobs are completed on schedule and within the allotted budget, and timely payment is made for the bills.

You’ll have the ability to zero in on what’s most important to you thanks to individualized dashboards, which also provide you more control over the data you look at and the conclusions you draw from it.

How does Assignar stand apart from other types of construction management software in the industry?

Construction projects are notoriously chaotic and full of surprises, so business owners and managers need an easily accessible and adaptable system to monitor all the moving parts and resources.

Numerous construction solutions are already available for general contractors and enterprise-level project management. Timesheets and incidents are two examples of solutions that only capture a subset of field activity and sometimes lead to data silos within an organization.

Assignar is more precise than other project management choices since it is designed specifically for contractors on the job, whether you are a specialized contractor or a self-performing general contractor. Assignar streamlines your processes from beginning to end, irrespective of the number of projects in your hand.

Final words

Assignar is software for managing assets, maintaining compliance, and organizing workforces in the construction industry. Assignar swiftly caught the attention of construction industry heavyweights because of the company’s first-hand knowledge and dedication to tackling practical difficulties in a continuously changing market.