Are traditional offices dead? Understanding the hype around Coworking Spaces


The post-pandemic changing world has changed the work culture, as we have known it. As the traditional offices require large investments and capital, either one has to get the long-term lease, and also consider the mounting costs on maintenance and buildout costs, there are other issues also such as underutilized and unused spaces in the traditional office.

All around the world employees had to work from home for quite some time. Now that they have moved back to working environments, regardless of whether for just a few days in a week or every day in the week, the needs for office space have changed to suit a hybrid work culture. After employees’ work from home experience, their expectations and habits are not the same as they once were, and offices all over the world need to adapt their offices to suit the new circumstances and comfort of the employees. Current remote working culture is enjoyed by employees around the world as that provides the required flexibility and work-life balance. Indeed, coworking spaces truly seem to be “the future,” and the hype around the flexibility coworking space provides is largely true.

Let’s understand the hype around Coworking Spaces.

Coworking has brought forth networks and values that assist people with scaling as they work with new people around the workplace in day-to-day life. How? Well, if we consider “employees” in a coworking environment don’t work for the same company. Coworking spaces may look the same as offices, but they offer much more than a traditional office that can’t offer flexibility. And this is the first thing that comes to mind.

There are a number of studies that prove that people thrive in the coworking space environment, and survey reports also say that the number of coworking locations may double by 2024.

1. Coworking provides Employee Satisfaction

After the pandemic and after working from home for 2 years, workers seek something more tangible yet flexible. Moving to a coworking space in Bangalore will also bring good deals of opportunities to workers that will be relaxing. Shared office spaces offer them an office-like environment where they can focus and flexible hours, plug a play office also provides a relaxing home atmosphere as well as, and workers can also be able, organized game days, and other activities or workshops and events. Hence, team building and work both can be done at the same time when you are working at office space for rent. It may sound a little cliched, but nothing can be better than to increase productivity because of a happy team.

2. Coworking helps to grow your community

Collaboration is important for any business or individual as it brings together communities from different walks of life on the same platform. Out of the people working together, you may meet someone from your area of interest or your field of expertise. A wider community translates to more possibilities for mentorship and networking.

3. Coworking space for Independent Entrepreneurs

If you are working alone, you may not require a leased office. You can also work from your room. However, having a workspace in the business center would always help your business to grow and reach new heights. It makes a difference if you have a proper business address to enhance your brand image. For this purpose, a virtual office is also useful for which you may contact your workspace provider. 

4. Coworking boosts both freelancers and mid to large sized companies alike

Coworking spaces are equally popular when it comes to big companies as they recognize the value of shared workspaces for their employees. Nowadays, fully serviced and managed offices are gaining popularity as you can easily customize your workspace according to your brand’s identity – and that too within a coworking space. The excitement of working alongside a thriving and engaged community whilst maintaining your own brand persona is what basically draws a large-sized organization to a coworking space. 

5. Coworking is not just a workspace it shows the corporate culture.

Having a managed office will boost the company’s work culture also. The coworking culture contains a system of values working together under the same roof – whether it is one company or many companies working alongside in the same space. So, your corporate culture will always be highlighted and communicated exactly the way you want because of a dedicated office space within that shared space. Coworking also means sharing your values and ideas with other coworkers, within your company as well as outside of it in the coworking space.

6. Financial advantages are manifold.

Renting a coworking space can diminish a lot of financial risks, as you don’t have to find a leased space or deal with the overheads and administrative costs of having your own space. You can also save on many other things such as maintenance charges, maintenance staff, housekeeping, security, etc.

Summarizing it

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