Angola Cables predicts telecommunications investment boom for Global South in 2019

The Global South set to experience more investment in submarine cables in the year ahead


Artur Mendes, CCO of multinational telecoms company, Angola Cables, has today shared his predictions for the telecommunications market in 2019. Mendes believes that the coming year will see increased cooperation between businesses and governments in emerging nations; a mutually-beneficial development he believes is critical to advancing digital progression, as well as empowering both consumers and businesses across the world.

Discussing this prediction, Mendes commented: “This year is set to be a fascinating period for the subsea cable industry. In particular, the Global South has huge potential to advance in 2019. Typically, developing countries in this area suffer from poor internet connectivity and problems with poor latency due to a lack of legacy infrastructure. These issues hinder economic growth and new business; an issue that the northern hemisphere, conversely, does not face”

However, based on the rapid infrastructure development seen in 2018, such as the company’s South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), Angola Cables predicts that continued construction in the southern hemisphere will attract investment from both the private and public sectors across the Global South. Mendes added: “The southern hemisphere is a region traditionally left out of the loop when it comes to this type of infrastructure. However, as mindsets shift, major economies will begin to see this area as a logical investment. In fact, many emerging nations are already looking to increase their participation in the market by collaborating with the major players.”

Large tech and OTT companies are starting to make big investments in Africa. For example, Microsoft and Amazon are presently investing in South Africa, which will undoubtedly accelerate further connectivity developments for Africa in 2019.

Discussing the potential such investment could have, Mendes closed by commenting: “In 2019 and beyond, the ultimate aim will be empowering both businesses and consumers. Submarine cables are the first step for the developing world to achieve digital autonomy and the same level of efficiency the rest of the world currently benefits from.”