Anatomy of a solar street light


Solar street lights are becoming appreciated as a green alternative is transforming the world for the betterment of society. Solar Street light offers a green and renewable source of energy, lower maintenance, effortless installation, better value of cost, optimum lighting.

Solar energy is recognized to be one of the best forms of renewable energy while keeping in mind the harm we provide to the environment. Therefore, solar street lights can be the most suitable substitute for most applications.

We are blessed to have solar energy in plenty exclusive of any price tag. By this way, solar energy can be conveniently employed for the benefit of the world. 

Why solar lights?

Longer life span

A good quality solar panel lasts for around 25 years, which makes this the most long-lasting lighting source. Solar street light are quite different from traditional lights and bulbs. They consume less energy and have a longer lifespan which makes this stand out of the world.

Off grid

You are not required to spend a huge amount of money to construct an electricity grid, wiring, etc. Just set a light pole with a solar lighting system on it, and you are done!


Solar panels are very efficient as they absorb solar energy and accumulate them. They gather energy from the sun throughout the day, which is sufficient to last the whole night. They are confirmed to be the most efficient lighting solutions till today since they make the most of less energy and produce a much brighter light.

Green & renewable

The solar panel doesn’t produce harmful gases. Hence, solar energy is green. The sun is always present, even on the cloudiest days; a little bit isolation is always there for the solar panels to absorb.

Safe, easy installation and maintenance

The regular lighting system utilizes electricity which is proved to be risky and hazardous. They can break or tear or gives an injury to the person due to a large amount of passage of current.

Solar lights are effortless to install and maintenance, just demand a few bolts to hold them shielded. Furthermore, the low voltage DC power is way more reliable to employ with than traditional electric.

Components of Solar Street lights

The main components of solar street light are as below:

Solar Panel

  • Very important part of solar street lights.
  • Converts solar energy into electricity.
  • Two types: (i) Mono-crystalline (ii) Poly-crystalline.

Lighting fixture

  • LED is the latest solar street lighting source as it offers higher lumens with less absorption of energy.
  • Energy consumption is 50% lower than HPS fixture.

Rechargeable battery

  • Stores electricity during the day time and provides power to the fixture throughout night.
  • Two types: (i) Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery (ii) Lead Acid Battery


  • Highly significant for solar street light.
  • Choose when to switch on/off charging & lighting.


  • Strong poles are needed for solar street light as there are quite weighty elements are attached on the top.

How does the solar street light works?

As mentioned before, the solar panel absorbs the energy from the sun during the day. So, when the sun goes down, the solar panel works as a photocell, get in touch with the onboard electronic controls, turns the light fixture on. This helps in keeping the light on from sunrise to sunset.

So the next day at dawn, the process gets reversed by the solar charge controls and the battery charges. From the morning to evening, the battery charges at different levels depending on the sun intensity and weather conditions. That’s why it’s highly significant to make sure that there is no shading on the solar panel as this can cause the solar panels to not charge as per intention. The batteries call for the charge which is needed to function again the next night.

A solar street lighting system offers an all in one way out to any lighting application. Therefore, there is no need to the dugout in grid power as the power is to be found on the pole. Even if there is a collapse, such solar street light doesn’t stop working as they function without the help of grid power.


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