Ana Fajardo Offers Insight on Good Stock Investment Options for 2023


Investing in the stock market is a good way to build wealth long-term, says Ana Fajardo, a senior retirement specialist with Wealth Companies. However, she is the first to point out that this investment option isn’t without its risks and should only be done in conjunction with a comprehensive wealth-building plan drawn up by an expert and personalized to meet an individual’s current and long-term needs. Even so, for those considering this form of wealth-building, she offers some insight into which stocks are expected to perform well in the coming year.

Many tech companies continue to dominate their fields, Ana Fajardo notes, so it’s not surprising that many experts recommend investing in stock from these businesses. Apple has a stellar track record of producing annual gains of over 10%. Moreover, it’s considered one of the world’s favorite brands and has an impressive profit margin of over 20%. The iPhone X is incredibly popular, and the Apple Watch is selling well and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Amazon also makes the list of ideal stocks to invest in, Ana Fajardo says. It’s lost a great deal of value this year, which will naturally concern some investors looking for safe stocks to purchase; however, Fajardo urges would-be investors to consider that the company has a solid foundation that will stand the tests of time. It has one of the highest profit margins in the stock market, shares have gained over 60% in value over the last thirty years, and the online retail giant continues to push its way into new industries as it grows its consumer base and profit potential.

Alphabet Inc. is yet another great stock investment option, Fajardo notes. Like Amazon, it has lost money this year but will still dominate its industry in the coming years. Google CEO Sundar Pichai is taking measures to keep the company on the right track by pausing hiring and redirecting finances away from ventures that may not have a high-profit potential. Furthermore, Google has huge savings and is diversifying its sources of income, a move that will likely only raise its profit potential in the coming years. Experts agree that Google stocks are a good investment option for buyers looking for a safe stock with steady returns.

Ana Fajardo highly recommends that anyone who wants to invest in the stock market in the coming year consider the abovementioned options. These companies have their flaws but have been profitable stock options long-term. At the same time, Fajardo reminds those she speaks and works with that stocks aren’t the only investment option for wealth-builders to consider, and she urges individuals to consider their long-term financial goals, family situation, health, and other factors to ensure they are not only building their wealth but also have the liquidity they need to cover current expenses. With a comprehensive wealth-building plan and wise stock investments, smart inventors can rest assured they will have the finances they need, when they need them.