AI (Artificial Intelligence) Trends to Look for in 2023


If we are not mistaken, you are already introduced to some marvelous inventions powered by AI, like a self-driving car, a robot delivering food in restaurants, and a virtual assistant that performs various tasks for users after interpreting natural language voice commands. Right? But do you think such innovations are all the AI technology has to do with? Well, if you factor in the POV of a top AI App Development company, AI technology has got way more potential to transform different areas than you can ever imagine. And today in this blog you will learn how Artificial Intelligence technology can make a splash in your life and what are some trends that will gain ground in 2023. So, let’s outset the discussion you have been waiting impatiently up until this time. 

Key AI Statistics Fetched by a Leading AI App Development Firm

  1. The AI market size is about to hit the $407 billion mark by 2027.
  2. AI will play a significant role in boosting the US GDP by a predicted 21% increase in 2030.
  3. ChatGPT had received more than 1 million users within the first five days of making it available to the general public.
  4. 50% of US mobile users make use of voice search every single day.
  5. 25% of organizations are adopting Artificial Intelligence due to labor shortages or other similar reasons.
  6. AI is foreseen to experience an annual growth rate of 37.3% between 2023 to 2030.

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What Are Some AI Trends to Eye on in 2023, According to Experienced AI Mobile App Developers?

1. Generative AI 

Are you familiar with this AI variant? If not, we must elucidate to you that it refers to the ability of AI software to generate new content pieces quickly based on a wide range of inputs. And just to let you know, the inputs and outputs of these models generally entails:

  1. Texts
  2. Images 
  3. Sounds 
  4. 3D models 
  5. Animations 
  6. Other similar types of data 

Thus, in 2023, you will see AI breaking the mold by acting as a reliable tool for automating regular tasks. The accomplished AI Mobile app developers also say that this time we will see how creative Artificial Intelligence is when it comes to producing useful content. Yes, because Generative AI is a special branch of AI that taps existing data to generate entirely new information or details. If we are not wrong, you must have heard about some heavy hitters in the content generation domain, like:

  1. ChatGPT
  2. GPT-3
  3. DALL-E

All of them are developed by OpenAI. These AI-powered software applications are so powerful that they can come up with genuine and meaningful texts and images that are almost indistinguishable from human-written content. Now if you are thinking that this technology can be heavily used for entertainment purposes only, then you could not be more wrong. Yes, this version of Artificial Intelligence technology can also be tapped to originate important data that organizations can use for all purposes. These are the exact words of a premier AI App Development establishment.      

2. Human and AI Collaboration 

If you are not used to this trend so far, we must inform you that you need to become ready to work side-by-side with Artificial Intelligence technology in 2023. Yes, AI will turn out to be useful for wads of things, including but not limited to:

  1. Code generation 
  2. Automated testing 
  3. Bug fixing
  4. Deployment 
  5. Content generation 
  6. Automated routine tasks

According to a famous provider of actionable and objective insights to businesses, the use of Artificial Intelligence technology in software development will boost big time by the end of this decade. That means you can view 80% of all personnel interacting with smart AI tools daily by the end of 2030. But this thing can become feasible only when teams would pay attention to facilitating human and machine collaboration as per the standpoint of some knowledgeable AI Mobile app developers.

Please remember, automated processes will reap humongous benefits from the speed and accuracy of Artificial Intelligence technology, while actual professionals will concentrate on carrying out specialized and creative tasks, like design and user experience. By doing this, the concerned teams can enhance their productivity and efficiency, if the words of versed AI Mobile app developers are to be believed. 

3. Higher Democratization of AI

Now, can you please let us know if you understand the meaning of the term “decentralization?” If not, we must notify you that it is associated with the action of making something accessible to everyone. In this case, the Artificial Intelligence technology. 

So, now we will ask you to simply imagine a world where anyone can use AI with the push of a few buttons, irrespective of their technical knowledge. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s not the case. 

The current AI momentum does not seem to slow down anytime soon as this technology is about to become more accessible for everyone in the time to come. Thanks to the increasing number of applications that make it easy to use AI as and when required. Such applications are so helpful that even the most tech-phobic people out there can exploit predictive text suggestions or even develop sophisticated visualizations and reports effortlessly. 

Next, the best AI App Development corporation says if there isn’t any such application in the market that ticks all the right boxes for you, you can also employ some AI app developers to make your own AI-powered solution using low-code and no-code platforms. This democratization of Artificial Intelligence is not only making AI-driven apps more accessible to laymen but also helping in filling the skills gap in the entire industry. 

4. AI-centric Cybersecurity 

Based on a post published by a leading magazine in the world, cyber attacks will get more advanced in 2023. Yes, the world has experienced 50% more cyberattacks compared to 2021. And the worst part is that these attacks are not showing any sign of slowing down, making it a pressing need for the concerned businesses to deal with these issues.

For example, it will help if entities take strict measures to protect their AI systems from serious attacks and perform reassessment of their network and cloud security. Most of the agencies are highly likely to integrate Artificial Intelligence into cybersecurity in 2023, with log data produced from AI systems and fed through smart security models. These models will have the ability to detect any suspicious behavior and direct security teams to take necessary action. 

This way, the top-notch AI Mobile app developers believe that AI can automate the entire process of identity and access management, resulting in reducing the manual effort required to keep their systems safe and secure. And all this can become possible by incorporating smart automation solutions into existing security systems. 

5. Evolution of conversational AI


Post reading the whole prose, we hope you got the hang of many AI trends that will dominate in 2023. If yes, we would recommend partnering with the most dedicated AI Mobile app developers now to introduce these trends to your existing applications.