Biometric Benefits: 6 Advantages of Installing a Biometric Access System

Biometric access system illustration

Contrary to popular belief, biometric authentication isn’t just for large corporations. Any and all businesses can benefit from having a biometric access system. In today’s uncertain society, it’s becoming more important than ever to secure entrances to all types of buildings and to restrict access to unauthorized guests. 

While many businesses think it enough to post a security guard at the door, it only takes a second for someone to sneak past such a guard when their back is turned. Unsuspecting staff members may assume the visitor has been vetted at the entrance, allowing would-be criminals to steal assets or plant harmful viruses in computer systems. 

Upgrading your security system is vital to protecting your staff, customers, and information, which is where biometric authentication comes in. 

1. Better Time Tracking and Accountability

One of the biggest advantages of installing biometric time clocks is that they track the comings and goings of your employees more accurately and with fewer errors. This is especially helpful in the event of a catastrophe when knowing the whereabouts of every staff member is a must. 

2. Access Restriction

Aside from time tracking, another huge benefit of installing a biometric access system is the fact that you can restrict access with a high degree of specificity. Since these systems use fingerprint, iris, face, palm vein, and other unique features to identify and approve anyone coming into a building, it’s next to impossible for an authorized person to gain entry. 

3. Increased Security

Biometric access authentication makes it virtually impossible for anyone not authorized to enter a facility. Fingerprints, facial features, irises, and other unique biometric features cannot be stolen, shared, or copied, allowing for increased security at the entry points to your building. This keeps your customers, staff, and data safe from would-be criminals. In a society where shootings are becoming a daily occurrence, biometric authentication is the best way to ensure the utmost safety and security for your building. 

4. Convenient for Everyone

With a biometric access point installed, you always have your authentication with you. You can’t lose it, nor can you leave it at home. It’s the most convenient way for employees to clock in and out of work, and once their biometrics are entered into the system and activated, they are good to go. There’s no need to reset passwords or replace key cards – their authentication is always with them, and they are the only ones who can use it. 

5. Save Time and Lower Costs

Time is money, and administrators spend a great deal of time re-entering pertinent information when someone loses a keycard or forgets a password. Biometric authentication does away with these time-wasting activities as there is no need to train and retrain employees on time tracking procedures. Nor do you need to replace lost or stolen keycards. Ultimately, these benefits result in money saved in lost time and materials. 

6. Endless Scalability

The nature of business is growth, and a company’s security must grow as the company grows. Biometric access systems are flexible and can be added to and upgraded to accommodate business growth, regardless of how big or small that growth may be. 

Today’s world is uncertain, which makes securing your building’s entry points more of a priority than it has ever been before. Biometric access authentication not only allows you to track employee movements but also restricts access to unauthorized guests and ultimately saves you time and money.