A New Feature of Google Map for Users


A new feature of Google has been announced recently which is going to be the one the best utility for mapping apps. With this feature, users will be able to send their precise location with the help of a unique digital address to any place. The feature is introduced for the aid of those people who are not having their location or for those whose location is really very tough to find. Soon, some changes will be made for this feature so that every user can use this feature conveniently. The Google map will be able to get a unique identifier which will work for any place on the earth. This digital addressee will help in various fields. You can contact a Toronto based digital marketing agency for further details. 

All about this new feature of Google

How relevant this feature is can be ascertained with the fact that it is very much able to find out minute details of a location and trace the person you are trying to meet with. The codes are there which signifies the actual latitude and longitude of the location. With the help of this longitude and latitude, Google will be able to identify and place that can be accessed by Google maps. The spot can be in any rural area or it can be any shop in the smallest street in the city, it will be taken out with the help of this new feature added by Google recently. 

The purpose behind adding this feature

Google has a definite purpose behind launching this new feature of Google. Google said that a lot of people are living in a society that has no address or their address is quite hard to trace. The plus code created by Google will assist the users in this field so that they can create their plus codes without too much effort. The plus codes can be made by a single tap on the button and the code will be ready. You have to tap the blue dot which makes sure your identification on Google so that you can get the plus code for the exact location. Then users will be able to share their exact location to those who are trying to trace them for a long time. These codes are unique and it will be visible on Google maps so that it can be accessed any anyone at any point in time. 

How it is helpful?

It is highly helpful for those who are living in extreme conditions and are not able to share their exact location at high time. They are also helpful for the users who are travelling as it will assist them in exploring things easily by sharing their location. You can know more at Edkent Media. This is new so many of the users can’t access this feature at once. Improvements and updates for this feature are under process and once it will be available, everybody will be facilitated with this feature. You can search for this new feature on Edkent Media.