A Know-It-All Guide on Smart Outdoor Security Light

A Know-It-All Guide on Smart Outdoor Security Light

It’s undebatable that nothing is more important than our security – At home, workplace, in the walkways, on the streets, and, generally, any outdoor area. 

That’s why, in many places, you are likely to find outdoor security lights and some of the latest security systems.  

But, arguably, outdoor lighting isn’t just about security; it’s about:

  • Better visibility.
  • Improved aesthetics.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • And, most importantly, convenience. 

And, even though conventional outdoor lights guarantee most of the above, smart outdoor security lights take it to a whole new level. 

These lights – thanks to their awesome features – don’t require someone to operate them. 

How is that possible?

Well, they are equipped with sensors that allow them to turn ON and OFF automatically. 

Sounds amazing, right?

So, do you want to know more about these stylish light fixtures?If so, you are in the right place.

Here’s all you need to know about smart outdoor security lights. 

What Is a Smart Outdoor Security Light?


Before we dive deep into the complexities, we must first understand what a smart exterior light is. 

At the very least, we know this:

A security light is a fixture that’s mounted on the exterior wall of a building to light up its surrounding areas. 

Bearing that in mind, we can say that a smart security light is a security fixture – but with a few added smart features. 

Sounds vague, huh?

Okay, think of a smartphone and all the things it’s capable of doing. A smart light fixture has capabilities you won’t find in conventional lighting systems. To be specific, these lights come equipped with the following smart features:

  • Motion sensors
  • Photocells
  • Cameras
  • Network connectivity
  • Instant alertsand ringing once they detect an intruder and so on.

These features are what make it a Smart Device.

Anyway, do you now understand what a smart security light is?If no, don’t worry. Find more information below. 

Types of Smart Security Lights

1. Smart Motion Sensor Lights

Get this, when it comes to efficiency and convenience, motion-sensing smart lights sit right at the top of the pyramid. Why?Because they only go ON when they detect movement or the presence of a person. 

If you think about it – it does make a lot of sense, right? I mean, why would a bulb stay on yet nobody is using it?

Generally, smart fixtures are energy efficient and can go a long way in cutting down your power bills.

Also, and this is the most interesting part, they can trick intruders and burglars into thinking that you have already seen them and are calling the authorities on them. 

You see, when the lights go on, any uninvited guests will think you’re the one who turned them on and retreat; even if you are deeply asleep or even away from home. 

Sounds awesome, right?

How Do These Lights Work?

Motion sensor lights detect a person’s presence using either of these three mechanisms:

i) Passive Infrared (PIR) 

PIRs are the most used sensors in smart lights and security systems.They operate by detecting temperature changes caused by people or objects. Once they sense a change in radiation, they turn the lights on and raise alarm. 

Ii) Microwave Sensors

As compared to PIRs, microwave sensors are more efficient. This is because, instead of detecting heat changes, they release a microwave signal and test whether the signal has been interrupted.They’ll assume the presence of a person and turn the lights ON if the signal is disturbed. 

Iii) Dual Technology Motion Sensors

For efficiency and to avoid fake alarms, some smart lights utilize both PIR and microwave technologies.To turn the lights on, both sensors have to trip. However, dual technology smart lights are a bit pricey.

2. Smart Wall Pack Lights

Now, Wallpack lights are so common and you’ve probably seen them in several places. As their name suggests, they are meant to be fixed on walls. And, just like motion sensor lights, they are convenient, energy-efficient, and can keep the security of your home ‘tight’.  

However, while the former relies on motion sensors to turn the lights ON/OFF, wall pack smart lights use photocells. If you are not in the know, a photocell is a device that allows the fixture to go ON when there is darkness and OFF when darkness disappears; eliminating the need for you to flip the switch any time you need light or when you want it off.

For that reason, these lights are also referred to as ‘dusk-to-dawn lights’.

One downside of these lights, however, is that they’ll turn the lights on whether you are at home or not.Is that energy efficient? To some extent, NO. Nevertheless, automatic switching will make intruders think you are home; hence, keeping your property secure.

3. Smart Security Lights with Camera

Now, one good thing about technology is that it’s dynamic. And, to live up to this, smart security lights have gone to the extent of featuring cameras.Basically, smart security lights with cameras are a combination of security cameras and light fixtures.

Meaning, they are surveillance cameras that are fused into lighting fixtures. These lights not only go on or off depending on movement detection but also keep track of the person who is approaching. 

This feature can help you tolay down precautionary measures or review the file footage if a security breach happens

And the best part is that some smart securitycamera lights are also compatible with smartphone apps. When you integrate them with your phone, you can operate them at your own comfort.

For that reason, these lights are the best choice.However, note that they differ depending on the brand. Purchasing one can be quite cumbersome.   


Now you know everything about smart motion sensor lights and how they function. But, you might be itching to ask:

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Outdoor Security Lights?

Well, there are so many reasons why you should consider upgrading to smart lighting.If you’re yet to approve these unique light fixtures, then these reasons might make you change your mind:

Energy Efficiency

Most of the smart lights in the market use LED technology. For starters, LEDs are known for their low energy use.

They convert more than 80% of the power into visible light. Hence, only a little power goes to waste.

Also, they cut down on energy costs since they automatically go off during the day. This is unlike the case of typical lights which might spike your bills if you forget to turn them off.

They Are Also Durable

Smart outdoor lights, since they employ LED technology, can last between 35,000 and 100,000 hours. Plus, another thing that extends their lifespan is the self-regulatory feature.

For instance, motion sensor lights only go ON when necessary. That is when a person needs light. This saves the lumens from burning out due to prolonged lighting.

This, in the long run, means fewer bills on you.

Increased Security

Smart security lights feature motion sensors. Any time a person approaches the fixture or swings by it, the lights go on.Actually, some of the fixtures can be programmed to send alerts through the mobile app if anything abnormal is detected within your property. 

And this gets you on the ready just in case the guest is an intruder or a burglar.

Added Convenience

We can all agree that smart outdoor motion lights have taken convenience to a whole new level. 

Thanks to them you no longer need to flip the switch when darkness creeps in. And you don’t have to worry about turning them OFF thanks to their dusk to dawn photocell feature.

Don’t forget, fixture connectivity means that you can easily view video footage from wherever you are. This means that you’ll be able to keep your home safe even when you are far from it.

In fact, some Smart camera lights also come with sound recording features that you can use to listen in on the intruder(s) conversation and collect valuable information including names, intentions, and planning.

Impressive, right?


That’s more than enough information about smart security lights. So, did you find this post helpful? I hope you did.

As you can see, smart outdoor lights can go a long way to keep you more secure and also improve your life. If you’ve been using conventional lighting, it’s recommended that you ‘go smart.’ And since there are many varieties in the market, you’re guaranteed to find your best fit. Do you still have any questions? Feel free to drop them in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you. And incase you don’t want to install smart security lights, go with motion sensor cameras online to keep your belongings secure.