A Detailed Review of Content Camel

Content camel review - Marketing content and sales content management app

Do you think working in the sales industry is easy? Think again! Monthly quota, cold calling, deal sizes, closure rates, and more. These are some of the things that sales reps have to think about during the sales process. Since the marketing industry is evolving, it is becoming challenging and tough to keep up with it.

To make sales reps productive, companies must equip them with sales resources, materials, and tools. Sales enablement software and other sales tools help improve performance. Also, such tools make tasks hassle-free and easy.

One of the sales tools that is gaining popularity is Content Camel. Do you want to know more about Content Camel? In this post, we have reviewed Content Camel in detail.

About Content Camel

Content Camel is a sales enablement software developed for aiding sales teams perform well. The sales reps can manage and organize content in one place. So, sales reps will not have to switch between different platforms to look for required content.

When it comes to sorting information, Content Camel is an excellent choice. The sales tool can help sales teams organize content according to the sales process and sales cycle. Also, you can sort them by funnel stage, content type, and tags.

Key Features To Expect

Content Camel is a comprehensive sales enablement software offering exceptional features.


One of the best features is Sales Analytics. It is an essential feature that will help your sales team know how their content is performing. Thanks to this feature, the sales and marketing team can figure out which content is falling flat and which content is working wonders.

Moreover, the software will provide real-time metrics and insights into customer engagement. So, it will help sales reps to improve their productivity and efficiency. The software allows sales reps to export reports and create views. The company will not have to worry about sales audits as the software provides it.

Stack Integration

Content camel is a web-based software that you are unable to download on your device. Fortunately, it offers a Chrome Extension that you can use. A great thing about this is that it can pair up with various platforms smoothly. Some of the platforms it works well with include Gmail, Outlook, Pipedrive, SalesLoft, and Salesforce.

Access Controls

Another great feature of this software is access to internal and external flagging. It will enable sales reps to keep some things private like price lists or some other information.

Google Drive Integration

One of the best features of this software is Google Drive Integration. It enables you to work both online and offline. The sales reps can easily import content from almost anywhere like local folders, Drive, Dropbox, and the web. Not only this, but the reps can also directly upload content.

Things We Liked

Here are some things we loved about Content Camel.

  • The sales tool delivers tailored content to make sure prospects have an exceptional experience.
  • Another thing we liked is its price. No longer companies will have to break their bank to make successful sales. It is affordable for every type of business.
  • The best thing is its management and organizational feature. It will allow the sales reps to organize everything in a central place and easily access them.

Things We Didn’t Like

Though Content Camel is the best sales tool available on the market, there are some things it lacks.

  • It would have been a better software if it offered some extra features like contact management, goal management, training management, and meeting management. With the help of meeting management, sales reps can easily schedule a meeting.
  • Another thing we think would have been great in this software is tracking capabilities. Right now, there is no way to determine who has accessed the information. With tracking capabilities, you might know which content is being used and by whom.
  • It works well on the computer or laptop only. Hence, making is not mobile-friendly.

Final Verdict

Content Camel is an amazing sales tool that every sales and marketing team should have in their arsenal. It will help improve the productivity of sales and help deliver a customized experience to all clients. The sales reps will be able to find the right information when making a sale. That leads to closing a deal quickly.