8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in VR


Chances are you’ve seen a virtual reality headset before. Once a small niche, VR has entered the mainstream of public consciousness and is here to stay. 

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There are so many things to do in VR that might surprise you. Since the goggles work directly with your smartphone, you have the ability to download specific games and VR apps onto your phone that work with your goggles.

There are so many cool things to do with a VR headset. You’ll probably be surprised at how applicable the system is to so many different features. Whether you already have your own personal standalone headset, or you’re just curious about possibly purchasing one, this article will go through some surprising VR headset uses. 


When virtual reality was still in its infancy, one of its main focuses was video games. With the ability to insert players directly into the world of the game, many have fallen in love with this VR experience games

A variety of mobile games have the option to play the game in VR mode, meaning you’ll get a full 360 degree field of view and be fully immersed in the game. 

Gaming companies are implementing virtual reality within their gaming systems. Sony Playstation VR has specifically designed headsets to be compatible with their consoles. With over 500 VR games to choose from, Playstation 4 owners have the option to play adventure, action, puzzle, horror, and fantasy games!


Offering the best, most immersive gaming experience, virtual reality arenas are popping up across the world. 

The arenas let multiple people play the same game at the same time, teaming up or competing against each other. They give the players the feeling that they are really in the world of the game, making them active participants. 

One of the cool elements of VR arenas is that they have a wide range of games to play. They offer campaign style games, puzzle games, first person shooters, and zombie games. Depending on the intensity level of the game you choose, you might have the chance to really show your true colors. When you watch “The Walking Dead” you might think you’d be able to survive with no issues; at these arenas you have the chance to see if you really have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. 

The goggles and equipment are all supplied by the arenas, so you just need to show up ready to play your heart out. These arenas combine video games with physical fitness, a new and exciting form of entertainment that everyone should try. 

If you’re in the Massachusetts area, think about stopping by one of MindTrek VR’s arenas, located in Marlborough and Woburn Massachusetts! 

Roller Coaster

There are so many virtual reality features that have nothing to do with video games, so even if you’re not a gamer, you’ll still have plenty of thing to do with your VR goggles. 

There are so many different roller coaster simulations you can download and play. Wearing the goggles and headphones will give you the feeling that you’re literally sitting on the ride. If you’re planning a trip to your local theme park, consider staying in the comfort of your home and riding roller coasters through your VR headset. 

Movie Theater

Everyone loves going to the movies, but with ticket prices constantly skyrocketing, it’s not always practical. Well, thanks to virtual reality, you can have the completely immersive and realistic theater experience from the comfort of your house. 

You’re more than likely subscribed to at least one streaming service, whether it be Netflix, Hulu, or HBO. Each of those service’s mobile apps have VR setting available which will give you the feeling that you’re in the center of a movie theater. 

Complete with stadium seating, a huge projector style screen, and other moviegoers sitting around you, this VR experience will really make you feel like you’re in the middle of your favorite movie theater without leaving your home! 

Virtual Vacations and Tours

Another really cool feature of VR is the ability to explore the world from the comfort of your house. There are so many different apps that will let you “walk-around” various places. Many cities, like New York, Paris, London, and Milan, all offer VR experiences, meaning you can experience being on the top of the Eiffel Tower while still lying in your bed. 

Many universities also offer VR tours, so if you’re curious about potentially committing to a school but want to get a feel for the campus, take a virtual reality tour of the school! 

If you’re thinking about purchasing or renting a new space, whether it be commercial or residential, you can tour the space through your VR goggles!

The option to explore so much of the world through your VR headset truly is a game-changer!

360 Degree Youtube Videos

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Many Youtube videos have a 360 viewer option, meaning they are compatible with your virtual reality system. There really are a plethora of options on the site, so you’ll be able to find something for everyone in your life. 

From exploring Bikini Bottom with Spongebob or exploring the Rebel Alliance against Darth Vader to skydiving or going down a wild waterslide, there are so many options available!

Therapy for Agoraphobia/Trauma

Another feature of virtual reality that many people don’t associate with the headsets is its ability to be used for therapy. Of course, the goggles cannot function as a personal therapist, but they can be used in tandem with a strong mental health professional to help combat trauma. 

People suffering from agoraphobia feel anxiety when they leave their homes, so many completely seclude themselves within their homes. There are specific VR apps that can simulate re-entering the community, helping agoraphobes become less anxious and, hopefully, eventually combat their anxiety. 

VR can help people face so many fears. If you want to get over your fear of heights, try exposing yourself to them by using a skydiving app. If you’re scared of clowns, try one of the videos or games inspired by Stephen King’s It. If you have a crippling fear of dogs, try exposing yourself to canines through one of the applications as well. 

It may seem like an out-of-the-box idea, but many people have taken to combatting their trauma and using virtual reality as a way to combat their real-life anxieties as a form of therapy. 

Design Your Space

If you’re planning on moving into a new space, you can plan how you’re going to design it before move-in day with virtual reality. There are many apps that let you visualize your new space and will give you the option to see what different pieces of furniture would look like in different places. 

This is especially helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the moving process and want to get a handle on it, so that when you get into your new space, you’ll have an actionable plan as to where your furniture will go. 
There is an overwhelming amount of applications and uses for virtual reality headsets. If you’re interested in trying out a headset without biting the bullet and purchasing your own VR goggles, consider trying out one of Mindtrek VR’s arenas. Click here to learn more about the different games Mindtrek offers!.