8 Low-Cost Digital Marketing Ideas for Nonprofits


Digital marketing is one of the best techniques that businesses and nonprofits are using to grow. It capitalizes on technology and gives them an edge over competitors who’re yet to start using it. Digital marketing is comprehensive and covers everything from sending emails to using social media to reach audiences.

But then, nonprofits have a difficult time finding the best techniques to reach their online audiences. Remember, nonprofits have limited income sources, and low-cost techniques are ideal for them. This article focuses on the best ideas that nonprofits can use for digital marketing. Email marketing for nonprofits can be easy if you’re using the right tools, read these updated reviews and comparisons to find the perfect software to help you raise more money for your cause.

Here are the best eight ideas

  1. Spread the word with social media

The first, most convenient, and cost-effective method to consider is using social media. If you’re thinking about growing your nonprofit, you need to make the most of your social media pages. Spreading the word through your social media profiles can help you grow your audience.

The more followers you can gain with social media, the more revenues you can make for your organization. But then, to keep your followers, you will need to engage them with beautiful pictures. Research shows, 55% of online audiences convert when they engage with nonprofits.

  1. Book Speaking Engagements

Another way to save on digital marketing while maximizing results is publicly speaking. As a nonprofit marketer, the art of speaking publicly and convincing an audience is invaluable. If you’re passionate about what you do, speaking before an audience becomes more leisurely.

However, many people do not believe in public speaking as a digital marketing technique. Today, you can live stream or record a speaking engagement and distribute it to your audience. The only difference between the two is that you will be speaking to a live audience in non-digital public speaking.

  1. Invest in Email Marketing

You can attract potential sponsors and donors to your organization using email marketing. Many nonprofit marketers take a backseat when they hear the word invest. But then, investing in email marketing doesn’t mean spending huge chunks of money as it is an inexpensive technique.

Email marketing is best for organizations that already have an audience. To use it, start by segmenting your audience into different lists to ensure that you target every segment with a unique campaign. The best thing is that you can reach a broad audience within a short time if you use email marketing.

  1. Get serious about SEO
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If you have a nonprofit, you should ensure that you develop a website for it. Find a good website builder for nonprofits that is user-friendly and has great customer service. You also need to do more to make it productive. The best way to ensure more people find your organization is to increase its visibility with SEO.

The first thing to ensure you market your nonprofit is to make your website discoverable online. Optimize your content with the best keywords and ensure that it is mobile-friendly. Remember to keep your content relevant to your audience, then consider having an SEO plugin and do regular audits.

  1. Apply for a Facebook “Donate Now” Button
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A call to action is essential for every business. You shouldn’t expect your audience to convert if you do not have a compelling call to action on your website. If you’re marketing on Facebook, you need to take advantage of the recently added feature that aims at increasing conversions for nonprofits.

Facebook has a ‘donate now’ button that acts as a call to action for nonprofits. You need to contact Facebook about your request, complete the required forms, and wait to have this functionality on your profile. Once you have it, your nonprofit will have more donations and achieve financial stability.

  1. Form Influential Partnerships

Influencers help both non- and for-profit organizations to market themselves. If you’re looking to create awareness of your brand, the best thing to do is form influential partnerships. But then, you need to start with evaluating your network and use it to find like-minded people then build partnerships.

Nonprofits are lucky to get influential people who can be ready to advertise them at a lower cost to support their cause. As you seek to build connections, tell people about your brand and what you want to achieve. Convince them to sell your brand to potential donors and volunteers at a low cost.

  1. Video Campaign Optimization

Having a solid video campaign can make a difference for your brand in the digital sphere. Research shows that visuals can increase the chances of audiences remembering brands.  You need to optimize your video campaign, make them stronger and watch as they bring more traffic to your site.

You can use videos on your website or social media pages to reach out to your audience. Another way to use them in your digital marketing campaigns is to embed videos in the emails you send to your audience and pass messages quicker.

  1. Reach locals using Google My Business

Another free and easy-to-use tool is Google My business. This tool supports local SEO by providing you with alternative ways to sell your brand locally besides using word of mouth. With this tool, you expand your availability on local searches and make it easier for donors and volunteers to find your nonprofit.

The first step is to set your profile on this functionality. Ensure that you indicate what you do and use the right keywords, and your organization will quickly appear in organic searches. This tool also shows a map of your location, making it easy for people to find your organization.


If you’re looking to grow an audience and have them support your cause, the internet will offer you excellent support. You can increase the number of donors and volunteers in your organization by using digital marketing more effectively.

It will help if you start by understanding the audience that you’re targeting first. Next, determine an ideal digital marketing technique that will work for nonprofits perfectly. The insights in this article will help you improve your digital marketing strategy and grow your nonprofit.