7 Tips for Starting Your Very Own Handicraft Blog

Starting a blog

If you are the artistic type and you want to show off your handiwork, it is best that you create your very own handicraft blog. Having your own blog will allow you to show the world your skills and share your knowledge with fellow artists. It will also enable you to create a fan base of your own. 

If you have the fanbase, you can even sell some of your work online. However, if you want to expand your influence as a blogger you should have a set strategy. Remember that there is a myriad of other handicraft bloggers out there, so you will need to be able to stand out from the crowd.  Here are  7 Tips for starting your very own handicraft blog. 

#1 Choose a Specialization

Before you set out and create your handicraft blog, you should choose a specialization. Although you can branch out to various types of handicrafts, you should have a specialization first. You can specialize in wickerwork, pottery, painting, or even ice sculpting.

If you branch out to other art forms too early, you may spread yourself too thin and not be able to focus on any of the artforms you take up. So during the early phases of setting up your blog, you should choose one artform to specialize in. Once you make a name for yourself, you’ll be able to spread out to other art forms, 

#2 Identify Your Target Market

Although your main objective is to show off your work to the world, you should also think of getting monetary value for your work. Creating artwork takes a lot of resources, and by earning from your handicrafts, you will be able to support your hobby more effectively.

So you should make it a priority to identify your target market. By doing so, you will be able to make your marketing more focused and your products more attractive to potential buyers.

#3 Use Quality Images and Videos in Your Marketing

If you want your work to be well-received by your potential fans, you should present your work in the best way possible. Try to post pictures of your work through your blog. Make sure that they are tastefully done, and show viewers your unique aesthetic. 

You should also make videos that show your day to day life as an artist. Your potential fanbase will want to see you in your element, so you should create videos that capture your artistry. 

#4 Branding Is Key

Remember that there is a multitude of other handicraft bloggers out there, and they will also want to make a name for themselves. So if you want your blog to stand out, you should make sure that your branding is as effective as possible.  

When you start your brand building, you should not rush the process. Take the time to cultivate your brand identity. Show your potential fans what your blog is about. Show them what sets you apart from other handicraft bloggers. You should also identify the key traits that make your brand special. 

#5 Contact Other Handicraft Enthusiasts

Aside from showing off your work to potential fans, you should also make it a priority to contact other handicraft enthusiasts. By contacting other enthusiasts, you will be able to make connections that will help you expand your marketing range. You can ask them to review your handicrafts and even post articles and guest videos through your blog.

You can also collaborate on certain projects such as how-to videos. This “you scratch my back and I scratch your back” relationship will not only improve your brand, but it will also help you form long-lasting business relationships. 

#6 Create How-To-Articles and Videos

You can also enhance your brand by creating how-to-articles and videos. Showing pictures of your work can increase your work’s circulation online. However, if you show people the process of making your handicrafts,  your fan base will increase a great deal more. Remember that great content is the lifeblood of any thriving blog. The more content you post through your blog the more people will visit it. 

When you write your articles, you should make them as compelling as possible. They should also be well-researched and have as many links to sources as possible. Your articles can be bottle decoration ideas or pottery making tips. They can practically be about anything art related.

When you make your videos they should be well-planned out and edited. Try to add new content to your blog at least once or twice a day. This will show visitors that your blog is well-taken care of, and this will prompt them to revisit your blog. 

#7 Create an Inventory of Your Work

If you want to sell your handicraft, you should make sure that you have a steady supply. So before you start selling any of your wares, make sure that you have your wares in stock. You don’t want people to order your products, and not have them on hand. Make at least one or two units of your artwork. That way they can be shipped out in record time.


If you are the artistic type and you create a great deal of artwork, you should make it a priority to share your artistry with the world. The best way to do this is to create your very own blog.

By setting up a blog of your very own, you can show off your skills, and even sell your work in the long run. It can be a bit tricky at first though because you are relatively unknown. However, with these tips, you will be able to start and maintain a truly great handicraft blog.