6 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated


The best business leaders will always know how to keep their team motivated so that they can maximize the potential of the workforce, drive the company forward and create a positive working culture. It is essential to recognize that motivation levels will inevitably rise and fall. Still, when you know how to motivate your team, it should help you to get out of any dips quickly and without impacting the entire operation. There are many effective ways to motivate employees – read on to discover a few of the best methods which can deliver fast and noticeable results.

1. Goal Setting

One of the most traditional but effective methods for motivating your employees is to set goals which will give everyone something to work towards. You can set long and short-term goals for employees and teams, but just make sure that they are challenging yet achievable and that you make a point of celebrating when they are achieved.

2. Incentives

Following this, you can also provide incentives for employees which will undoubtedly help to increase motivation and bring some positive energy into the workplace. There are all kinds of incentives that you could offer, including:

  • Cash bonuses
  • Early finishes
  • Gifts
  • Staff parties
  • Time off
  • You can also give out customized items that will serve as physical reminders of their accomplishments.

3. Team Building & Collaboration

To keep staff motivated, you need to create a team-based mentality and take steps to promote strong relationships throughout the workforce. The best ways to achieve this are with regular team-building events and activities – keep in mind that informal events are often more effective at creating relationships. Additionally, using collaboration is an intelligent way to motivate staff, bring role variation and to bring employees closer together.

4. Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys from places like inpulse.com allow you to track and monitor employee engagement levels during periods of change so that you can keep staff members happy, engaged and motivated during what can be challenging periods. This gives you a greater insight into the emotions of your workforce and could help you to identify otherwise hard to spot issues.

5. Give Genuine Feedback

Feedback is a fantastic tool for motivating employees because it allows you to celebrate their hard work, show that you value their input and identify areas which they can work on to improve. In addition to giving feedback, it is also essential that you listen to any comments, questions, or concerns that they might have.

6. Productive Work Environment

You will also need to create the right environment for staff to feel positive, motivated, and engaged each day. Natural light and plant life are both effective ways to do this as well as comfortable furniture, ergonomic equipment and tasteful yet neutral decor.

These are the most effective way to keep employees engaged, and combining these will deliver quick and noticeable improvements. This will help to take the company forward and create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, plus it will help you to quickly get out of any slumps in productivity which are inevitable in the business world.