6 Ways AI is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing


With digital marketing slowly taking over all other types of marketing, everyone’s focus is now on this industry. One cannot help but think about the innumerable avenues this model of marketing has brought up in the world.

Now that customers have multiple tools to interact with each other and brands directly, the next boom in the industry is about to happen and we believe that AI will be a huge factor in driving change.

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over industries to provide better and more accurate services and its integration in digital marketing has already shown great results. There is no denying the fact that it is here to stay and will shape the future of digital marketing.

Here, we look at 6 different ways AI is changing the dynamics of the industry.

Mass Personalisation

The traditional marketing style identifies customers based on locations, interests, demographics, and preferences and provides suggestions for services accordingly. However, this level of personalization has now got a new definition thanks to the introduction of AI.

You now do not have to personalize your content for a cluster of people but instead can providea personalized experience for each of the millions of users in a particular sector. AI finds patterns inside patterns to give you an idea about what a particular customer likes or dislikes, helping you give them an even better experience that seems tailored just for them.

Advertising and Product Offering

One of the biggest avenues of digital marketing to generate leadsis ad space. Being able to reach a specific target audience is the key to getting better ROI and AI helps you achieve this. Be it any publisher or social media platform, everyone is competing to give you ad spaces that will reach your targeted audience for sure. Machine Learning helps in predicting the behaviour of the audience and showing them relevant suggestions.

Predicting Customer Behaviour

It would not be wrong to say that AI has helped the most in predicting customers’ behaviour, which helps brands align their marketing strategies accordingly. Now, the brands do not have to predict behaviour on their own– instead,the AI (Deep Learning) will help you make predictions on the back of data and information.

When Deep Learning combines with Machine Learning, you get information on how your customer reacts to the content available online based on the likes, comments, and shares. This helps you get real-time predictions, which play a huge role in effective digital marketing as now you can be proactive with your campaigns. In an industry where time is of the essence, such information surely changes the game for you.

To get the best return on investments, you should hire experts with advanced digital strategywho knows how to deal with this and give you data analytics with proof.

AI-based Content Engagement

This AI-based content digital marketing approach has slight repercussions as well as content,in general,now supersedes its demand. To combat this, there has to be a way of providing customers the content just when they want it or when they are highly likely to engage.

Here too, AI comes to the rescue as it helps the website owners collect user data and learn a pattern to only show ads and suggestions when the engagement is likely to be the highest. As they are not bombarded with articles, ads, and content of all kinds, this directly translates to customer retention as well.

Automating Content Creation

Just a year or two ago, the world of digital marketing was thinking of how to use AI to create fresh content. For any digital marketing campaign to work, one cannot forget that content is the king as it helps in improving SEO. Since creating unique content is of the highest importance, it was a job for humans.

Image source: Mobileappdaily.com

However, AI is slowly taking over this field as well as it can now create articles by studying the various articles present online. With Washington Post uploading more than 800 articles created by an AI author called Heliograf last year, this venture can be successful.

Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening is a huge aspect of digital marketing that lets you understand your brand’s value in the eyes of your customers. While earlier one only needed asocial media manager to monitor all the movement regarding your brand’s name, now it is not possible due to the immense amount of content out there.

AI has changed the game as it not only identifies the brand name’s mentions but also identifies important keywords associated with the brand and performs competitor analysis as well.

Final Thoughts

With AI emerging as a huge catalyst for change, you surely cannot avoid it. You might want to contact Dignitas Digital, a digital marketing agency in Delhi, to help you seamlessly integrate such services in your digital marketing campaign. Thanks to their expertise in the field, you will surely be amazed by the returns you get in terms of customer engagement and retention.