6 Situations In Business When Only A Virtual Assistant Can Help


Busy executives usually have a lot to handle. With deadlines to beat, wasting valuable time handling trivial issues is a big career mistake. Luckily, you can get everything done to your expectations by an executive virtual assistant. Some situations in your career are best managed by a VA as you are about to discover.

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Declining productivity

Mid or senior-level executives have to deal with spearheading business growth and preparing daily reports. All these need time. Thinking that you can juggle all these are likely to leave you burned out and fatigued. It is a good idea to focus on working with your team to meet business goals and beat deadlines. This is a solution to enhance the declining productivity among your employees.

Ignoring to handle mundane tasks like checking and answering emails makes a business crumble. Hire a virtual assistant to handle these boring and repetitive tasks. This will keep your employees happy without having to make them handle these mundane tasks. Fortunately, the VA handles these tasks remotely but to your expectations. This allows all full-time staff in your office to focus on more important tasks that push the business forward.

Skyrocketing costs

The most significant benefit of outsourcing is to lessen business costs. When you use a VA, you eliminate the need to pay a full-time employee for small tasks. You can easily find virtual executive assistant to pay an hourly or per-project rate. Additionally, full-time staff is prone to other costs including employee benefits, insurance, and bonuses. When you notice skyrocketing costs in your business, outsourcing a VA will save you a significant amount. 

Another saving feature of hiring a VA is avoiding staff training costs. Business processes are every changing. So, you have to keep your in-staff at par with changing trends. This requires undertaking them through relevant training and refresher courses. All this costs the business money and time. It becomes very hard for startups to afford these costs. Fortunately, a virtual assistant comes with the appropriate experience and expertise to handle your tasks without the training costs. Hiring someone who can work right away saves a lot of time.

Short of time

You can always entrust the services of a virtual assistant when you have pending takes to handle but lack the appropriate time. Virtual assistants are available for a temporary and permanent basis. Time is money and a VA saves a lot of time to beat your deadlines. You can easily find a VA from a reputable agency

There is no need to advertise for job positions in your business. This saves you countless hours doing preliminary screening and interviewing just to fill an entry-level position. When you hire a VA, you get a verified expert to handle all your tasks in no time. This saves your business a lot of training time. Virtual assistants are experts in various fields. This allows focusing on the tasks you hired them for. Doing this gets work handled much quicker compared to in-house employees who have to juggle different tasks.

Too much administrative work

In very busy situations, handling trivial tasks is a huge cost to the business. The rule of thumb is to focus on core business tasks as the rest is handled by a virtual assistant. Outsourcing a VA allows getting various tasks handled including:   

  • Basic data entry
  • Answering phone calls
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Organizing the calendar and to-do list
  • Scheduling appointment and meetings

Pending personal tasks

Sometimes work can become overwhelming, this can make you neglect to handle some personal tasks. To avoid burning yourself out, a VA is a lifesaver. You can hire a virtual assistant to organize your to-do list and personal calendar. The VA also handles booking travel arrangements for a vacation or weekend trip with the family. Additionally, the virtual assistant helps in purchasing personal items including clothes, stationery, gifts, and books.

Declining customer service

Customer service is an essential aspect of a business. Poor customer service gives customers a poor experience. This might make them give your business bad reviews. Additionally, poor customer service might kill your business with customers switching to other brands. Customers want to interact with a live person who emphasizes their situations. Given the high costs of maintaining in-house staff, outsourcing is a more viable option.

Virtual assistants have experience and expertise to offer seamless customer service to make your customers happy. The VA handles issues that might be perplexing customers including responding to FAQs about your product or service. This assistance enhances customer experience and increases the chances of generating lead.

Bottom line

The benefits of outsourcing a virtual assistant are limitless. These save a busy business executive from handling trivial tasks allowing focus on core business tasks. A virtual assistant also enhances customer experience, lowers business costs, and saves your business time.