6 reasons for you to opt for big data analytics certification


Data is growing at warp speed. Today, data and analytics leaders need to examine how these technologies will impact business trends. Big data analytics has become crucial as more and more companies are using it to aid in improving business, decision-making providing an edge over competitors. This applies both for the organizations as well as the professionals in the analytics field.

The data has become a huge career opportunity for many professionals today. As a result, companies are looking for professionals skilled in data science and big data analytics. Data science is a field that is related to data cleansing, preparation, and analysis whereas data analytics is more inclined towards examining raw data, automating insights into certain datasets which further serves the purpose of drawing conclusions about the information. Most big data analysts are said to transform their career to data scientists and into data analytics.

If you’re still doubtful about the choice you’re making, then here are six reasons why you need big data analytics certification today:

  • Data analytics – a top priority for organizations

With competition in the job market, most top companies are shifting to data analytics to help identify business opportunities for their products. Currently, around 77% of the top companies consider data analytics as a critical factor in their business performance. In short, it simply means that professionals skilled in big data will have a huge impact on the company’s marketing strategies and policies.

  • Demand for jobs in the data field

Companies are now realizing that they do not have the capability to gather, interpret and use the data which is why they have started looking out for skilled professionals who can ease their task. If you look at job portals such as Indeed, you will find that there are still many job vacancies lying vacant. Companies are in a severe hunt for specialists in data science, big data and data analysts. The demand for professionals in this domain is at large while the supply still needs to be contained. This creates huge job opportunities for candidates looking to make a start in the data field.

  • Increased pay scale for data analytics professionals

Though the demand increases, the supply remains very low which professionals with this skill-set are being paid with lucrative packages. Professionals having big data or data science skills are said to be paid much higher than the usual engineers in the related IT field.

  • Big data is everywhere

Just as how it has become crucial to living without the use of internet or computer, the use data analytics professionals tend to foster growth in this field as well. There is no such industry that isn’t making use of big data today.

  • Multiple job roles to choose from

Getting a certified Big data Analytics course will open new avenues to choose from since big data is used in every sector, you can always choose from the below job roles:

  • Data analyst
  • Big data engineer
  • Metrics and analytics specialist
  • Data analytics consultant

These are the kind of job titles that top companies such as IBM, Opera and Oracleetc. are looking to hire.

  • Data analytics is speeding up

According to a survey by Nimbus Ninety, it is said that data analytics is taking over the job market much faster than it was predicted. The survey also shows that data analytics was listed as one of the top technologies you will need to look out for the next coming 3 years.

Numbers and statistics do not lie, having said data analytics is one field that is still in demand and will not cease to end soon. Well, these are certainly some brownie points that give you the idea of how powerful this field is going to be in the coming future.