6 Creative Ways to Make Your E-commerce Site Look More Attractive


If you want to make sales, create an attractive website. It does not matter whether you are a fashion brand or an online electronics store, an attractive website counts a lot regarding online business. The more attractive your web design is, the more compelling your products and/or services will be to potential clients who visit your site.

Treat your e-commerce website the same way you treat your other valuable assets. Therefore, it is crucial to design it in a way that it helps you to achieve the goals and objectives of your online business. The first impression is everything and your design speaks volumes. Below are 6 awesome creative ways that will help you make your e-commerce site to look unique and attractive.

  • Pattern and texture

Although your computer screen might be flat, your web pages should not be the same especially if you want to make them stand out. Henceforth, that is ways patterns and textures are crucial in a website. You can add repeating patterns and textures to give that page a 3d look. This makes not only it eye-catching, but it is also dynamic and this is the exact thing you need to make your website attractive and appealing to the average reader.

  • Customized icons

You do not want visitors who visit your website experience challenges with directions. Then do it in style and make their experience simple and memorable.  You can use the standard text icons but they are boring and unattractive. So, why not get customized creative icon sets and add them to your menu? They will definitely pass the message. Consider the theme of your website when selecting these icons so that they can complement each other instead of looking out of place.

  • Add color

Colors are always attractive. By now your website should have an established color scheme. Make sure you add an occasional flash of another complementary color to make it even more attractive. For instance, you can add it on every third page or in a header. It will serve as an impressive way to encourage visitors who visit your website to pay more attention.  However, exercise moderation can you make your site appear just like a kids’ coloring book.

  • Make your images responsive

Are the images on your website still static? If the answer is yes, then you are behind the times and this is not good for your website. In E-commerce, a very common issue is that the customer loses the ability to interact with the physical product. So, to overcome this issue, some smart E-commerce businesses use interactive 3D product modeling of their products to keep their customers more interacted, and this also reduces the product returns while increasing the conversions.

  • White-Space

White space is the space between the various elements on a web page. This is one section that unfortunately, does not get enough attention since some people treat it as insignificant. Having unnecessary content on your website is not appealing to most people. Instead, consider making it colorful with images. However, if you must, then make use of the White space. It will not only improve the appearance and readability of your site but it will also enhance its structure. White space provides a perfect way to make your website organized and attractive.

  • Check the fonts

Make sure you choose the right font so that your words are easy to read. Different fonts have a different emotional impact on the reader. For example, a font suitable for a law firm may not look acceptable to a children’s toy website. You can use Google Fonts tool to help you choose the right font for your website.