6 Best Link Building Tips to Grow Your Brand

Link building illustration

In 2021, it is utterly hard to stand out in the never-ending flow of new content. Many people have a valuable piece of information to offer to the folks. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to reach out to their audience on their own. 

If you want to become noticed and to have your work appreciated, you need to turn to marketing. Link building is undoubtedly a leading strategy to use. In our quick tutorial, you will discover some of the best link building tips that actually work.

Understanding Link Building

To navigate between web pages, we primarily use hyperlinks. That is the way we find the information we need, discover brands and new people. It is no coincidence that they may become a rich source of traffic to your website.

In this connexion, link building is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. Specifically, of your search engine optimization campaign. The core process that lies in the link building concept is making bloggers and website holders link to your web page. Here is how YOU can benefit from this simple idea:

  1. Improved rankings. A quick fact to grasp the importance of link building: it is among the three most important criteria for Google’s ranking web pages. Search engine algorithms judge the quality of the website by the links that point towards the page.
  2. Brand exposure. As more people use the links to get to your page, your brand awareness will increase. That is a crucial factor for growing your business because that is how you find and reach out to your target audience.
  3. Higher authority. If you get the links from an authoritative website, your own authority will grow, as well. People trust the sources they read, so they will be sure that the linked page is trustworthy as well.
  4. Level-up content. The link building process is complex, and you need to follow certain principles to succeed. But the “side effect” of those rules is a higher quality of your content, a more thought-out structure, etc.
  5. Interbrand relationships. The basis of your link building strategy will always be the interaction with other brands. Those contacts can lead to productive partnerships, which is so important for any forward-looking brand.

Although the idea of linking to your website is simple, it is not easy to develop a working strategy. In this guide, we have picked out some of the best tips that you can implement to your link building campaign to enjoy excellent results.

6 Powerful SEO Link Building Tips 

1. Create the Content of a Great Value

Quality content is the name of the game. There are three main reasons why it is fundamental for the whole link building process:

  1. it retains the attention of your readers. Visiting your website is only the first step consumers make. If your content is not well-thought enough, you will disappoint and lose the audience;
  2. it attracts potential partners. If you want to cooperate with successful players, you need to be worth their attention and investment;
  3. it is the basis of other link building tactics such as guest posting.

Do not underestimate the importance of this aspect. Put most of your effort into learning how to create quality content, and it will be half work done.

2. Outreach

It is the first and the most basic step to make a link building profile. Outreach is the process of contacting other bloggers, website owners, or managers to ask for a backlink. All you need to do is to introduce your content as valuable and trustworthy.

You do not need to create additional content for them. Just refer to your product or service that you find worth linking. Choose your partners wisely: they need to have an authoritative website of a relevant niche.

3. Ego Bait

Ego bait content is a more personal approach to link building. While most of the strategies target wider circles, ego bait is a way to draw the attention of a specific company or influencer you want to get a link from.

This type of content implies highlighting the achievements of a specific company or person. Write about what makes their work exceptional and valuable, include details, and be honest. The next step is to reach out to the mentioned people and let them know that you featured them in your post. Ideally, they will link to you, too.

4. Guest Blogging

Another way to earn quality links is by submitting a guest post to target blogs. In this case, your target blog is considered as the one that fulfills the following requirements:

  • it is a quality website of high authority;
  • the content on this blog corresponds to your branch;
  • it accepts guest posts.

To submit a guest post means to offer a piece of content on a relevant topic to another blog. No way it is a promotional post to advertise your product or service. Your content should naturally fit in the outline of the blog, be interesting and informative to your target audience. 

Here you have a chance to place a backlink in the best possible way. Make it look natural in your post, like a gentle hint on what you can offer to the readers. Do not forget to use proper anchors and surround them with a context.

5. Broken Link Building

A common thing to happen in a link building world is when the link is expired and no longer exists. They are called broken links. You can also use such dead links in your link building strategy.

First, explore the websites by adding a “404 not found” filter. Next, get in touch with the owners or managers of the page and let them know they have dead backlinks. Finally, offer your backlink as a substitute for a broken one. 

As Google appreciates only quality links, broken links can harm the ranking of the page. So, transforming them will be beneficial for both you and your link building partner, and your work will be highly appreciated.

6. Ask for Help

There are many more link building tips you can learn to grow your brand, expand its awareness and bring new quality traffic to your place. It is easy to get lost in this tricky world of search engine optimization. 

Luckily, there are always people that are an old hand in these strategies. Among them is Linksmanagement, a proven link building service that can do most of the work for you. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it for the best results!

Final Words

If you want to see your brand as a strong and prosperous company, you need to make some effort in the marketing process. When you master link building, the promising future of your company will be easily achievable.

Whoever you may be – an experienced entrepreneur or a business newbie – these tips will help you reach outstanding results or nail down the existing success. Be creative: combine the learned tactics with each other and with other SEO strategies to achieve the best outcomes.