6 Best Apps to Monitor Your Wife’s Online Activities in 2020


Are you worried about your wife’s excessive use of online space? Then you must use a wife tracker. With the help of this tool, keeping track of all the online activities of your wife would be a lot easier. 

When using a reliable one, this wife tracker will render quality data with at least possible risks. In this post, we are going to talk about the top six wife trackers that you use in 2020. Each one is made from cut-above technology and can be trusted easily. 

So, let’s get started. 

#1 – Spyic 

Built with the world’s most innovative and cut-above technology, the Spyic app is here to make your ‘spy my wife’ task a lot easier and risk-free. Its operations and facilities are one of its kinds and are known to assist you at zero risks. 

Packed with some of the most impressive features, Spyic has managed to win the hearts of millions of peoples across the globe. We are not the only ones singing and praising Spyic. Many leading media houses have also featured it. 

To know more about how Spyic will help you spy my wife at least possible hassles, you must check this. For now, we will give a quick overview of its impeccable capabilities. 

  • Spyic works without rooting/jailbreak which means its operations are safer than ever. Also, it never saves data from one server and keeps many cyber threats out of your way.   
  • Using Spyic is like a walk in the park. You don’t need any special skills and techniques to get it done. Also, there are no special hardware/software requirements. You can access its dashboard using any device/browser. 
  • With Spyic, you will only get real-time data. Each activity is monitored in real-time and entry is delivered with time-stamps. There are no odds of receiving manipulated data as data is not shared with third-party. 
  • Spyic promises you to maintain the secrecy of the process from beginning to end. To make this happen, it comes with stealth mode in its Android solution. 
  • The activation of stealth mode completely hides the presence of the wife tracker app on your wife’s phone. So, she will never find out about it. 
  • Spyic has been a one-stop solution for all the online activities monitoring requirements. Whether it is the website that your wife is visiting or the content she is downloading, Spyic will update you with everything. 
  • One of the key reasons for place Spyic in the first place is its ability to never leave you in the lurch or keep you away from enjoying quality services. It offers an equally good and compatible wife tracker app for iOS and Android. 
  • The money will never be an issue till the time you’re using Spyic. All of its subscriptions are very cost-effective and feature-rich. 

#2 – Spyier 

Spyier is nothing less than a boon for all those husbands who feared getting caught in the act. It knows how to cover your tracks and keep your mission a secret affair. 

With its offerings like stealth mode and web-based dashboard, your actions will never come into the public’s eyes. It has every futuristic feature that you may ever require to do risk-free wife spying in 2020. 

It is a state-of-art wife tracker as it works flawlessly on all the devices and OS with the same ease and accuracy. It can track more than one phone at a time. So, you don’t have to worry about what kind of phone or how many phones your wife owns. 

#3 – Minspy 

With Minspy, tracking wife’s online activities is easier than ever. Whether you have done it before or new are very much, Minspy will help you by all means. 

  • While assisting you in your motive, Minspy never put anything at stake. Be it your data or identity, everything remains in a safe hand from the beginning and end of the job. 
  • It’s so discreet that your wife will never find out what you’re up to and you can easily monitor activities like which website she is visiting and which social media platform she is using. 

#4 – Spyine 

Leaving all the cheap online wife trackers behind in the competition, Spyine has secured the fourth place in our list.

It has earned this place because of its risk-free and secure activity. Unlike the rest of the faulty apps, it never put your crucial data at risk by saving it on a server while working online.  

As long as this wife tracker is by your side, you will enjoy quality data at a very affordable cost. Each entry is delivered with a timestamp and demands no third-person’s involvement to complete the process. 

#5 – Neatspy 

Speaking of reliability and trustworthiness, we must name Neatspy. This wife tracker is capable of doing real-time tracking of your wife’s online activities without sending a whiff of this to anyone. 

  • Your technical incompetence in phone spying jobs and low budget will never let you stop using what Neatspy offers. It’s easy-to-use and comes with a very affordable price tag. 
  • Almost all the major online activities like website visits, downloaded content, and social media accounts can be monitored around the clock. No detail will be missed out as it captures data in real-time. 

#6 – ClickFree 

ClickFree is our last suggestion if you would like to do risk-free yet reliable online activity monitoring of your wife. This wife tracker is powerful, feature-rich, easy-to-use, and tried & tested by many. Basically, it has all the qualities that one would look for in a wife tracker. 

  • ClickFree can be used on all the leading data-driven devices. The latest versions of iOS and Android are well supported. 
  • Accessing data is easy as its dashboard can be at your service using any regular device and browser. 

Concluding notes 

Excessive use of social media or online platforms can create turmoil in your marriage. Your wife can find a virtual partner or start sexting with someone else. This is why you must monitor her online activities. 

All the six options that we suggested to you here are good for this job. They will never put you down. Try it once and you will experience ultimate peace of mind.