6 Benefits of 360-Degree Feedback


Your employees are the best resources in your company. Without support from your workers, you cannot succeed in business. One of the most vital things to do is to help them improve their performance. The annual appraisal system helps assess professional development. Also, it helps in the self-improvement of the employee. But, for you to identify the development needs, you don’t have to wait for the annual assessment. You need to have it done often.

Moreover, the immediate manager/supervisor does the yearly appraisal. It cannot be reliable because there’s room for biases.

360-degree feedback will complement the system of the annual evaluation. Besides, you can do it several times a year. Also, you get feedback from various sources.

Benefits You Will Get from 360-Degree Appraisals

  • Feedback from a variety of sources

Decades ago, employers relied on assessments from the supervisors or immediate manager. If the manager had some personal grudge with the worker, he/she would give a negative review. The 360 degree review comes from various sources. You can even incorporate some customers to avoid biases. The feedback providers are anonymous. An analysis of the information provided by different people will be reliable.

  • Strengthens accountability and teamwork

Employees understand that their colleagues will be among those writing their assessment. They, thus, work hard without supervision. They’re accountable for all they do. Also, they do improve their teamwork.

  • Show particular career development areas 

Some companies do the 360degree review often. You can do it three or four times a year. Several feedback providers can identify a particular development area twice or thrice. Then you need to know that, that’s the area you need to assist the employees. You can then organize a training program.

  • Provides constructive feedback

Earlier on, a supervisor would appraise all employees in his/her department. He would do it amid other responsibilities. Most of them would do it in a hurry without considering their effect on the employee. The 360-degree appraisal comes from many independent sources. Some of the sources are internal and others external. The sources have to provide constructive feedback. They know that their information is compared with others.  

  • Responsibility for career development

With the increase in the unemployment rate, you don’t have to take the whole responsibility. The employees can develop their career alone. It can be too expensive for the company. Your primary responsibility is to help the workers identify their weaknesses. If there’s a need to further their studies, then you can give them some study leave. You can also arrange with the workers to have some hours off to attend classes.

  • Improve customer service

Employees will provide customers with excellent service. This is if they know that they will someday offer feedback. Your workers will give the best service and quality products. They will also ensure that customers get the best experience. Each employee will improve their promptness, reliability, and quality of service.

Bottom Line These are some benefits for 360-degree feedback. With this information, you now understand the benefits you’re likely to get.