5 Ways Direct Mail Helps Your Business

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Local businesses want to reach their potential customers using the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. Neither they have a spare budget to spend on branding nor they want to waste money advertising products or services to those aren’t in their target market. Being a demographic centric business, they want to be sure they are reaching the right demographic that’s interested in what they do, say, or sell. 

The solution to the problem is demographics based marketing and that is possible through direct mail marketing or social media marketing. Social media again has its limitations if you want to reach a sure shot target audience but direct mail marketing can be as accurate as you can imagine. It’s effectiveness and ROI is higher than any other marketing medium available for local businesses. Direct mail marketing reaches to the target audience that not just builds brand awareness but also drives good ROI for your business. As per a demand metric by Data and Marketing Association (DMA) direct mail marketing works better than paid search and online display marketing. 

Here’s How It Helps Your Business 

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Don’t get surprised to read it. Direct mail marketing works well for local businesses worldwide. Direct mail has a median ROI of 29%, comes third in the row after email and social media marketing. Data shows it works better than paid social and online display advertising. 

Brand Building

Direct mail is effective for brand building as it creates a sense of supremacy. People feel great and connected to the brands when they get marketing material from a brand. 57% of people said that receiving mail makes them feel valued and more likely to visit the store soon. 

Exact targeting

Direct mail marketing allows you to send mail to different customers in different areas. It’s pretty simple, you can target the entire city, a pin code area, or a combination of pin codes. Reach where and whom you want to. 

It works for all age group

Yes, it works for all age groups no matter whether you run a clothing store, a haircut shop, a pub, an educational institute, or something else. Direct mail marketing can be used to target all age groups and demographics. 

It’s long-lasting

Direct mail marketing is not a common marketing trend today. Your email box could be filled with a lot of emails but your mailbox is empty today. People barely receive any mail and if they do, it’s very special for them. A mail to their mailbox makes them open it, read it, and pursue it. Such events and memories last for a long time. 


Despite the belief that direct mail marketing is dead, many businesses are practicing it and have seen good ROI. It works for sure but depends on the nature of your business. 

You can use direct mail marketing or shared direct mail marketing to target the right customers at the right place. 

It’s less common and there’s no more competition in the segment. You can capture the undivided attention of your customers because it’s more like to get read, noticed and persuaded.