5 Tips to Boost Engagement with Your Website

website engagement tools with illustration

If you have a website, then one of your main goals is for people to engage with it. When you’ve got lots and lots of people interacting with your website, then this gives you an amazing platform to achieve your goals, but it’s not always that easy.

If you see high bounce rates and low time on page, then these five tips can make the difference.

Catchy Headlines

Your title (H1) is one of the most noticeable things on your page. If you want to convince people to keep on reading, then you’ve got to give them a good reason to do so; your H1 is your first big opportunity to do this.

Titles should be a good indicator of what the page is about, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be intriguing. Think about the kinds of headlines that grab your attention, and try to incorporate the same ideas into your titles.

Get to the Point

People’s time is valuable, and they understandably don’t want to waste it. If your visitors have come to your page with certain expectations, then you need to make sure you meet those expectations early on in the text.

If someone comes to your page to find out how many times a day, they need to walk their dog, then they don’t want to be reading for 1,000 words before you even start to mention dog walking. Instead, you need to meet the expectations quickly, but encourage them to read on through the way you express your expert knowledge.

Focus on the Spacing

When you come to a website, and it’s just one massive block of text, it’s not very appealing.

More often than not, people scan an article before they commit to reading it in more detail. If you’re not spacing your articles probably and breaking things up with different header tags, then you don’t allow people to skim. This means they either leave your site or risk reading a long text when they have no guarantees it’s going to answer the questions they need answering.

Good spacing can have a huge effect on engagement, so really focus on this point.

Good Multimedia

People consume content in different ways. Some prefer written texts, but there are a lot of people who respond best to video. If you’re going to accommodate all types of people, then you’ve got to incorporate different mediums into your site.

Working with the right videographers, you can produce the video content that’s going to be a hit with your target audience and boost your engagement rate. UX design firm San Francisco suggests that a good website design also plays an important role in increasing your online presence and worth.

Internal Linking

If people are enjoying your page, then it’s likely you’ve got more content they would like reading. If you want people to explore your website, then you’ve got to encourage them to do so though, and one of the ways you can do this is with internal linking. Guide people through your website by linking ideas and sending people to pages that answer the other questions they might have.