5 Reasons Why You Must Use Waterproof LED Lights

Image Source: Element LED

In this modern age, innovations like LED lighting made 21st century edifices become awe-inspiring structures, castles in fairy tales. This technology can be found almost every corner of your house of office — from gadgets and home electronic devices to Christmas decorations.

This isn’t surprising, of course, considering that it not only makes dark spaces brighter but also provides a viable solution to overcome the energy crises. Over the years, LEDs have progressed into more complex products that can overcome certain limitations of use, including harsh weather conditions.

And that was when waterproof LED lights were born.

LED Light Technology Explained

Commonly featured in energy-efficiency pieces, the term “LED” rolls off your tongue like a smooth freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Despite this, many are still unaware of the technology that makes this tiny-yet-powerful illuminator work.

What is an LED, you ask? L.E.D. is an acronym for “light emitting diode.” Basically, this clever innovation is a semiconductor that transforms electricity into light.

Ever since it was invented, super bright led lights have been developed into a more sustainable lighting option not just for indoors, but for outdoors as well. Since it has a longer lifespan compared to other types of lighting, many prefer it over traditional lighting choices.

While there have been certain limitations, LED experts have developed a way to overcome them, giving birth to a product called Tri-proof LEDs. These products are made to weather through extreme external conditions (particularly, water and dust) that may cause other types of light to break.

Why Choose Waterproof LED Lighting?

LED lighting technology has many benefits, which is why it is preferred over traditional lighting options across various industries. While there are many, here are five of the most important reasons why waterproof LED is the best choice for outdoor use:

1. They are weather-proof.

Tri-proof LED lights are weather-proof as they can withstand harsh weather conditions, be it rain, snow, or extreme summer heat. While the lights use electricity to produce light, these products are safe from damage caused by moisture, dust, and corrosion.

2. They are durable.

As mentioned earlier, LEDs offer the advantage of a longer lifespan compared to their traditional counterparts. Some LED products are even made to be resistant to shock, extreme temperatures, and vibration that often cause other lights to break.

3. They are energy-efficient.

For decades, LED lights have been used to illuminate houses, buildings, parks, and even smart devices because of the energy-efficiency advantage they offer. It uses roughly 85 percent less electricity than incandescent or halogen lights and have been certified by several private and government entities, including the United States Department of Energy.

4. They are affordable.

This small-but-super bright light also offers a cheaper option for homeowners and businesses alike. These products have relatively lower prices compared to traditional lighting and can even save you more money by requiring a lot less wattage while offering higher lumens.

For outdoor use, tri-proof LEDs are made to offer a 600-lumen brightness that makes them the perfect alternative to a 60-watt incandescent lamp.

5. They are environment-friendly.

Environment-friendly technologies are valued higher compared to those that cause the depletion the Earth’s natural resources, which means that LEDs are very valuable to Mother Nature. Aside from needing much less energy, these bulbs do not contain harmful mercury and are 100 percent recyclable. They can also cut your carbon footprint down by more than 30 percent.

A Final Thought

LEDs are considered the most advantageous lighting option indoors. Now that waterproof LED lights are also available, parks and other public settings can become brighter without costing too much.


Ajay Awtaney is co-founder of Nakashi General Trading LLC, an electrical lighting company in Dubai catering to the needs of clients and projects requiring quality lighting products and solutions. Nakashi General Trading LLC today is an approved vendor of reputable organisations (Jumeirah, Engineering Office, Meraas, Musanadah and Thumbay, to name a few) for supplying lighting products.