5 Office Decorating Trends For 2020


Office space is changing rapidly with an emphasis on comfort, recycled furniture, biophilic design, acoustics and play areas. The office you are likely to walk into today is definitely not your father’s office.

The trends below are expected to continue to be big in 2020.

1. Acoustics as a Priority

Open layouts in offices are what everybody wants. This layout encourages teamwork. But what is a person supposed to do when it is time to make a private phone call in a quiet place? Let’s face it, some business calls require a bit of peace and quiet so you can concentrate.

This challenge brings up the topic of acoustics as a priority to be considered in modern office design. One of the solutions gaining popularity is the use of private cabins surrounded by soundproof walls. These cabin areas are built inside the open layout and often have tables in them so you can open your laptop up when necessary.

Another approach to managing noise in open layout designs is to incorporate ceilings that are designed specifically for absorbing sound. In particular, customer support departments can benefit from these panels as a built-in solution.

2. Comfortable Chairs

An emphasis on comfort is always at the top of any office designer’s list of priorities. The goal is to lower stress in the workplace to get the most out of valued employees who spend a lot of time sitting while they work. That fact explains why stressless chairs dealers are getting so many orders these days.

Stressless recliners provide ergonomic support using high-quality materials. These chairs adapt immediately to support your neck, head and torso with an emphasis on personal comfort suited to each individual’s posture and body. Sitting for a typical 9-to-5 workday has never been so relaxing.

3. Recycled Furniture and Materials

As the conversation about going green continues to grow louder each day, it is no surprise that the idea of using recycled materials in the office space has come of age. Interesting old and antique pieces are being repurposed to create stylish and unique furnishings for modern offices interested in chic surroundings. This practice is also a good recruiting tool for like-minded employees who want to be part of the solution. No one will argue the fact that image matters.

4. Biophilic Design

Bringing the outdoors inside is not a new idea, but it has gotten much more attention recently. With an eye to creating a beautiful and stress-free working space, designers are focusing more on biophilic design which uses natural light and plants as Mother Nature’s best air purifiers. Organic colors contribute to a relaxed serene environment mirroring nature in all its glory.

5. Play Areas

Human nature demands some playtime during the day. We can’t do our best and continue to be creative problem-solvers if we aren’t allowed some time to relax and regroup. We’ve all experienced those epiphanies that come to us when we least expect it, when we are taking a long walk or playing tennis.

Contemporary office designers are adding some play into office decor with what can only be described as an adult playground of sorts. Ping-pong and pool tables are popular choices. Board games and Xbox are also in high demand.

The Takeaway

Savvy corporate designers understand the importance of office design and how it factors into productivity and employee satisfaction. If it is true that a happy employee gets more done, then it makes sense to make employees comfortable and excited to come to work every day.