5 Office Automation Applications to Increase Employee Productivity

Image Source: Unsplash

Employee productivity depends on so many direct and indirect factors, but all of them contributes directly or indirectly to the bottom line. That’s why entrepreneurs always try to increase employee productivity to make their business operation more profitable. Here are the top 5 office automation applications that are used by most entrepreneurs to increase the productivity of employees:

1. Employee Database:

Employee database helps the employer to know about the details of each employee whenever it is necessary. The demographic data, educational qualification, expertise, skills, and emergency contacts are the primary information stored into an employee database, which helps in many ways to increase connectivity among the employees and accurately track their performance.

2. Expense Tracker:

Enterprises need to conduct different types of operating expenses every day apart from the core financial or accounting issues. The expense tracker helps the management to keep track of these expenses and to scrutinize the validity of the costs. It increases productivity by raising accountability and cutting unnecessary expenses.

3. CMMS:

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) helps the responsible team to make the machines and equipment available and ready to perform all the time. The system facilitates scheduled and proper maintenance of the equipment which prevents sudden shut-down of any equipment. CMMS also helps to increase productivity maximizing the lifetime of the equipment.

4. Visitor Management:

Whenever you are operating any business, you need to deal with office visitors. They may be your clients, suppliers, business partners, business delicates and even delivery boys. To track these visitors organizations needs to maintain a visitor log or ID cards etc. Using a visitor management system helps the organization to maximize productivity by scheduling automated visitors’ appointment, identification, check-in, and check-out. Besides, it eliminates the use of paper logs and ID card which saves printing expenses also.

5. Corporate Wellness Program:

A healthy team is a productive and efficient team. To keep the employee’s healthy, corporate wellness programs can offer amazing results. A corporate wellness app like CircleCare can help employees to engage, live healthily and reduce absenteeism rate. 

Most of the successful organizations are already using these apps to increase their employee engagement and productivity, when are you going to join them?