5 Ideas of Recognition Awards for Employees


Employees of any organization feel good and get motivated when they are valued by their employers. Therefore, one way to make your team members feel good is to recognize them for their teamwork, years of service, milestones, and hard work. 

Employee recognition initiatives provide a perfect avenue to ensure that your staff members are valued. This kind of employee appreciation can ultimately increase productivity in your company not to mention promoting work satisfaction. This is where employee recognition awards come in to help motivate and uplift company values. 

Even though there are plenty of recognition awards for employees, there are a handful that won’t stretch your budget. Below are five ideas of recognition awards for employees that you can use for the upcoming award program:

1. Employees Work-Based Privileges and Incentives

Work-based privileges and incentives provide an easy and affordable way to recognize your employees. You may implement available work-based privileges to award top performers on their birthdays or when celebrating anniversaries of your company. 

Your implementation can include the following:

  1. All your employees to telecommute: This type of work-based privilege can work well for team players in the computer department or those in sales positions.
  2. Provide a designated parking space within your work environment: If you have some private parking space, you may consider giving it to top-performing employees such as human resources managers. A closer parking space with a digital signage reading “reserved parking for employees” in your employee recognition program can create a huge difference during the award ceremony.
  3. Allow your employees to choose their day off: You can extend employee appreciation to team members who have been consistent in providing exceptional results. For instance, time off with reasonably good pay can always be a great incentive for your workers. Alternatively, longer lunch days can be a creative ward to recognize employee performance. 

This type of employee recognition can motivate everyone to go the extra mile to achieve specific goals for your company.

2. Special Employee Recognition Awards

To uphold your company culture and promote employee recognition, you need to consider special recognition awards for employee rewards. This kind of recognition can be used as an employee of the month award or employee of the year award to motivate your workers. 

Even for non-performing employees and their counterparts, a special gift can inspire them to work hard and achieve more. For example, point-based incentive programs motivate all employees to take their workmanship skills to the next levels. You can easily implement this type of performance award to make everyone productive. 

3. Employees’ Involvement in All Key Projects

It is a common thing for everyone to feel included in every project within their place of work. The same case is true with your team members since they will feel honored being part of the solution or contributors of helpful ideas. 

In this case, ensure that your employees are motivated by allowing top performers to take part in key projects. Doing so will most likely encourage a culture of recognition, good work, and employee retention. 

4. Employee Social Recognition

In this time and era, social media platforms and selfies are at an all-time high. For that reason, you can use this modern technology to promote peer recognition among your team of workers. Social recognition is an initiative that is both free and effective especially now that the majority of people use different types of social media like LinkedIn. 

You can achieve this feat by putting employees who are currently at the helm of their game on your company newsletter, company website, or engaging them in social media. This kind of employee engagement can create a positive impact across all team members. 

Employee social recognition can create a huge difference in addition to making your employees feel proud of their achievements. Also, social recognition is an attainable goal that all employees strive to reach. This means better performances across all departments of your company.

5. Employees Get Together

Make everyone within your company or your organization be part of a team effort. Whether it is a company picnic or a friendly competition, bringing your workforce together can be the best way of recognizing top achievers. This team effort can easily translate into a teamwork award or leadership award to help encourage those underperforming to work harder. 

You may go a little further to use employee award ideas like encouraging your team members to bring their dog to their place of work or adopting a relaxed dress code of their choice on specific workdays. These recognition award ideas need to focus mainly on making employees feel that they are getting back something special from their employers.