5 Green Energy Projects For A Better Tomorrow

Image Source: Origin Energy

Climate change is an issue we can no longer ignore. According to data from NASA, the average temperature on Earth has risen some 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 19th century. The effects of this change can be seen all over our planet.

In fact, between 1993 and 2016 Greenland lost over 286 billion tons of ice due to global warming. Even more staggering, Antarctica loses 127 billion tons of ice to warming each year. This progressive ice loss has led to serious repercussions around the globe, from increasingly acidic oceans that kill marine life to historic sea-level rise of over 8 inches in the last century alone. 

Thankfully, many countries around the world are working diligently to combat climate change. 

Green energy projects are one of the best ways to do this. With enough green energy solutions, we can reduce our carbon footprint and create a better tomorrow. 

And despite what the media or the President may lead you to believe, the U.S is near the top of the list when it comes to green energy projects set to commence in 2020. So don’t fear, climate change may seem like an unstoppable force, but if we work together we can change our destructive habits and return our planet to its natural beauty.

Here are 5 examples of green energy projects that can give you hope for a better tomorrow:

Kentucky’s 100-MW Solar Array

One great example of changing attitudes toward green energy can be seen in Kentucky, a state that hasn’t always been known for its acceptance of climate change science. Kentucky currently ranks 44th out of U.S. states and territories for solar adoption, but recent solar projects are going to send them up that list in no time.

One example is a new 100-megawatt project in Hardin county to be executed by Rhudes Creek Solar. The project is set to provide power to two fortune 500 companies who have factories in the area, Toyota and Dow Chemical, after it was approved by the Louisville Gas and Electric Company and the Kentucky Utilities Company. 

Currently, the largest solar array in Kentucky produces just 10-megawatts of power, so this new array will be a big upgrade. It’s an undoubtedly positive step from one of the nations lagging adopters of green energy. 

Florida School Districts Push For Energy Efficiency 

Not all green energy projects have to create renewable energy on a large scale to help save the planet, however. The fact is, if we want to stop climate change it will take action from everyone, from the highest levels of government to local municipalities. 

A great example of how the little guy can make a big difference is a recent push by Florida school districts to increase energy efficiency in their schools.

For example, the Hillsborough County Public School district recently closed a $39 million round of funding with AVANA Capital for energy-efficient equipment including high-performance lighting, HVAC systems, and energy management systems. 

Las Majadas 272-MW Wind Farm 

The Las Majadas wind farm is currently the largest wind farm project under construction in the U.S. EDF Renewables North America started the project back in 2018 and it is set to begin operations in 2020 in Willacy county, southern Texas. 

The facility utilizes 125 world-class Vestas V120-2.2 turbines to produce 272-megawatts of power. These super-efficient turbines at Las Majadas will help to reduce energy costs of the, at times, expensive wind power, matching the low energy costs Texans are already receiving. 

Silicon Ranch’s 35-MW Solar Array

Nashville based solar developer Silicon Ranch has been given permission by the Nashville Electric Service (NES) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to bring a new, large-scale renewable energy project to Bedford County, Tenessee.

Silicon Ranch utilized the TVA’s Green Invest program to help fund the project that will bring 35-megawatts of renewable energy to Vanderbilt University.

Silicon Ranch has now completed over 30 solar projects in conjunction with the NES and TVA, making them one of the largest solar developers in the country. Tennesse is another example of a state that has recently committed to changing its ways and going green with the addition of a number of new green energy projects.

Oso Grande 247-MW Wind Farm

Finally, the Oso Grande wind farm in southeastern New Mexico is one of the largest wind energy projects in the nation. Already under construction, the Oso Grande project will provide 61 wind generating turbines supplying 247-MW of power to Tucson, Arizona.

This is great news because currently, Tucson gets the majority of its power from natural gas power plants. Over 30% of the city’s residents also heat their homes using natural gas. While natural gas is not as bad for the environment as coal or oil, it is still known to create carbon dioxide pollutants. 

The new Oso Grande wind farm is a great addition to Arizona’s growing green energy production and a fine example of states working together to go green in 2020.

If we want to address climate change and save our planet, then we all need to come together as humans to go green. The above green energy projects are solid examples of steps every country should be taking toward renewable energy. Hopefully, they give you some hope for a better future. 

Even in a country whose President doesn’t believe in climate change, green energy projects can’t be stopped. That should at very least make you feel a little better about the future of the planet. Just remember, if we want to stop climate change we all have to work together to change our habit, reduce our energy consumption and make a greener tomorrow!