5 Features That Set Discover Headsets Apart

Discover Brand Office Headsets

The quality and features in the office headsets play an essential role in the efficiency of the employee and satisfaction of the customer. Discover offers a wide range of office headsets that can help your employees deliver the best customer experience.

Here are five features that set Discover headsets apart.

Modular Headband

The Discover office headset comes with a modular headband that allows you to switch seamlessly between single and a dual-speaker headset. Office headphones with one earpiece allow the user to perceive the surrounding noise and also lighter to wear due to one less speaker.

On the other hand, the dual-speaker headset provides a stereo playback and also offers high audio quality. Also, the dual-speaker headset limits interference from ambient noise. The Discover office headset comes with a mechanism that allows you to switch between mono and stereo headset in a few seconds.

The headset also has an adjustable headband along with a bendable microphone that allows you to position the microphone correctly. The adjustable headband allows you to wear it comfortably.

Adapts as Your Need Changes

The office setup and the work requirement are always changing. Sometimes the user might need to connect the headset to a PC or mobile. The headsets come with a fixed type of connector which may not work with all devices.

For example, the connector may work with your computer, but you may not hear the sound, or the microphone may not work when you try to connect to your mobile or other devices.

The Discover office headset also offers extended compatibility option where you add a USB or Bluetooth connectivity through external adapters. Discover headsets connect to 98% of office corded phones. The office headset works with desk phones like Grandstream, Cisco, Polycom, Nortel, Avaya, Mitel, Yealink, Shoretel, and many more.

Noise Cancellation

Discover office headsets feature noise-canceling microphones that are built to pick the voice of the user while filtering out the background noise. The noise cancellation ensures that the person on the other end listens to the sound of your staff very clearly and also follows the instructions.

Besides active noise cancellation technology, the headset also features passive noise-canceling technology to reduce background noise in communication. For example, the soft leatherette ear cushions not only help the headset fit comfortably on your ears but also help in reducing background noise.

Wireless Freedom

The Discover headsets offer convenience in the form of wireless freedom. The headset offers 350 feet wireless range that is enough for most office setups. This allows your staff to walk and get any files that might be kept at the corner of the office without disconnecting the call.

The Discover office headset uses DECT radio technology for secure wireless communication. The DECT technology uses time division multiple access methods to transmit radio signals to phones without any interference. The DECT enabled wireless headsets are useful in offices with a large number of users in small areas.

Long Warranty

The Discover headsets come with a 3-year warranty that ensures you are protected from any malfunction that may surface in headsets after prolonged use. These are some of the astounding features in Discover headsets that have made them popular for business communication.