5 Effective Ways to Clone a Phone Secretly


Why would you want to clone a phone? Let’s see. You have a child at home, and you would like to know what’s on their phone. Your spouse keeps their cell phone a secret, and you want to find out if he/she is hiding something.

The situation could also apply to workers. Here, we like to keep it legal. If you are in such circumstances, then you need to learn how to clone a phone secretly. In our five ways, the target will never be aware due to the measures deployed.

Therefore, you can be sure that they are as careful apps as you would like it to be.

Part 1: Neatspy Phone Cloning App

Cloning a phone means getting all the features that the target phone has. They should also carry information with them, and it should appear on your end in real-time. For secrecy purposes, the target should remain in the dark.  

Neatspy will achieve that for you as it carries 35+ features with everything you need from the victim’s phone. It’s a solution that millions of people are currently using in more than 190 countries.

You can therefore trust that it will work as intended and as advertised. It’s applicable on both Android and iOS platforms where no rooting and jailbreaking takes place. If the target is an Android, you only need a one-time installation, and that’s it.

In iOS, Neatspy does not need any download or installation since it utilizes the iCloud ID. For Apple devices, the cloning happens online. Once you have Neatspy, the target never knows about its presence due to the stealth mode feature.

It makes sure that the app does not appear on the phone’s app display. Instead, it will be working in the background while delivering the results elsewhere. Speaking of elsewhere, everything about the target phone will be in your online account.

That tells you that you can access it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The control panel with the results is user-friendly, and it fully works with all browsers. Some of the details you will be viewing include calls, texts, location, social media, and applications.

If you want to know about the rest, you can visit the Neatspy website for more information. It will not take you more than five minutes to set up the application. This is due to the exclusion of tricky features like altering the phone.

All the cloned information is synced when you log into your account. The solution does that to avoid third-party access when you leave the account. It works with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later.

How to Clone a Phone Using Neatspy

Step 1: Register an account on the main website using your email address and a password. Next, choose the targeted phone’s OS, pay for a suitable plan, and wait for the confirmation email.

Step 2: When the email arrives, it will have everything you need to proceed. For Android, it will also contain a download link.

Step 3: In Android, use the sent link to install Neatspy once on the target phone. Ensure that you activate the stealth mode and then finish the installation.

Step 4: For iOS, log into your account and verify the culprit’s phone iCloud credentials. After that, select the device you want to clone and wait for the syncing to complete.

Step 5: Upon re-accessing your account, there will be a dashboard with all features on the left. The phone’s summary will also be there.

To see the phone’s data, click on the left links to see what’s in there.

Part 2: Spyic Phone Cloning App

Another application that you can depend on is Spyic. It’s a world-wide known solution that never fails. It also has more than 35 features to show you what’s in a target phone. You can use it on both Android and iOS devices without any alteration.

The details appear in your online account after the quick setup process. They include SMSs, browsing history, media files, and social media activities. The control panel works with all browsers meaning you can access your account using any internet-enabled device.

Part 3: Spyier Phone Cloning App

You can also use Spyier to get exclusive features from a phone. It’s also applicable to Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. The prior requires you to install the app once on the phone. The latter can be cloned using the iCloud login details.

Spyier also has the stealth mode feature to make sure the target does not know about it. Therefore, it will be completely hidden as it fetches the information. 

You get the updates remotely away from the target phone, thanks to the user-friendly web portal in your account.

Part 4: Clone a Phone with Minspy

You don’t need any rooting or jailbreaking knowledge to use Minspy. Therefore, you only need five minutes at most to set it up on the targeted phone. After that, it’s limitless access to information in your online account.

In there, you get all the contacts, messages, social media activities, SIM Card location, etc. You need to visit the main website to capture the rest of the features. There is also a dashboard to show you how they all work when you acquire the solution.

Part 5: Clone a Phone with Spyine

Lastly, we have the Spyine solution that has also helped many in achieving the phone cloning dream. It’s a quiet application that does not need any phone alteration. It’s also applicable to both Android and iOS devices.

Androids will need you to install the application once and then access the information remotely. For iOS, if you have the iCloud credentials, you can proceed to clone the phone online. After that, you will only need your account when checking for the information.


Cloning a phone effectively needs you to invest in the best applications. Neatspy and the rest are among the few that will give you actual results in a simplified way. Excluding the rooting and jailbreaking tricks is essential for total secrecy as you spy.

Next, involving the stealth mode makes sure that the target does not know anything. If you need to get rid of any of the applications, it’s possible remotely. That way, you can clone someone’s phone and leave it without causing any alerts.