4 Ways How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You in Marketing

AI Marketing: Why You Should Consider Adding Artificial Intelligence to Your Strategy

The rise of artificial intelligence has changed everything, literally everything from marketing to manufacturing to even customer service. And if you look at it, the manufacturing and marketing industries are the most benefited ones. 

There are about 4 billion internet users worldwide, and among them lies your potential customer and obviously the existent ones. But the big question is how you would effectively reach them? Well, Artificial intelligence has brought so many platforms to reach your customer quickly with proper strategies. Few such platforms or ways are social media and digital marketing.

In this article, we will talk about how artificial intelligence can improve the way you market your product and also about a few new artificial intelligence-based innovations in the field of marketing.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

There is a famous saying that, “your business should be on the internet; otherwise, you would be out of business soon.”

And artificial intelligence can help you scale your business and transform the way you interact with your customers and potential customers.

Marketers all around the world are already leveraging artificial intelligence-based tools to take their marketing efforts to the next level. And according to studies, businesses would be spending almost $60 billion on AI platforms by 2022.

Here, let me explain how you can apply artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to skyrocket your marketing.

1) Buyer Personas

It is said that knowing your customer is the most crucial thing in marketing. The better you know your customer, the easier it is to convert them. Marketers all around the world do tonnes of studies to find out how customers use digital media to interact with brands and businesses. And you have to do the same. Collect every possible bit of data about your customers, and use that to make a persona of your customers. This will enhance your targeting on a whole new level and will eventually increase your profits and market share.

Artificial intelligence-based tools do an excellent job in collecting the audience data, and the accuracy of data is much more reliable and makes it very easy to create perfect customer personas. Social Bakers and HubSpot are two of the best artificial intelligence-powered persona developments to start with.

2) Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring means keeping an eye on your customer’s thoughts (about your brand) on social media websites. It is possibly the best way to understand your customer’s feeling and experience with your brand. Not only that, but if you market through social media platforms like Twitch, you can increase the effects of your marketing efforts by using a Twitch viewer bot. Earlier marketers used to do this manually by scanning websites for their keywords for hours. But the rise of artificial intelligence has made it very simple. There are tons of artificial intelligence-powered tools on the internet that allows you to do social media monitoring with just a simple click.

The best tools, in my opinion, are the ones that allow you to identify customer sentiment, search for trending phrases or topics, segregate customer information based on their traits, and let you search for your brand mentions.

Few tools recommended for social media monitoring are Digital Air Strike and conversus.AI.

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3) Customer service and social engagement

The quality of service a customer gets with your brand during his entire buying journey and especially after the conversion means a lot to customers. This lays the foundation for whether that customer will be temporary or stay loyal to your brand for long.

Researchers have found that most customers change the brand if they don’t get proper support, service, and personalized communications—That’s why it’s crucial to provide top-notch customer service and personalized engagement to your customers.

And artificial intelligence powered tools can help you a lot in that.

And actually, these artificial intelligence-powered tools can even do everything on their own (once programmed) with any human interference and are much more efficient than their human counterparts. For example, these AI tools can be active 24*7 to help your customer, while the humans can’t stay 24*7 to do the same.

To add a few points, these AI based tools can:

  • Register customer feedbacks for better follow ups
  • Suggest items based on your customer’s buying habits.
  • Compile insights from each interaction to develop customer personas further.

Almost all businesses and companies use different artificial intelligence based tools like chatbots and recommendation engines to serve their customers in an efficient manner.

BoldChat is a pretty famous AI-powered chatbot tool that you can integrate with your websites and social media handles.

4) Content Optimization

Companies on social media are dying for consumer’s attention. They pull out hundreds of different content forms and different strategies to get their customer’s attention. And shouldn’t they? Customer’s attention is everything on social media. Nowadays, we have different artificial intelligence-powered tools that can optimize your content based on customer behavior and do in-depth analyses to provide you the exact idea of what type of content customers want. This can help you boost your visibility on social media.

And another factor is people like sharing relevant, valuable, and relatable content with their peers, and AI helps you craft the content keeping all these things in note.


Artificial intelligence is completely transforming the way companies and marketers promote their products and services and engage with their customers. With the right use of artificial intelligence, we can get more and more closer to our customers and serve them the products that suit them best. And actually, it is a win-win situation for both companies and customers. This way, the companies do not have to waste their time on unideal customers and customers get the best products and services and don’t have to tolerate the ads of products that they are not even interested in. Whether you are an established company or just a startup, adopting the power of artificial intelligence can do wonders for you. So, start leveraging its power right from today and see how it transforms your growth. Plus, the benefits I have mentioned above are just basic stuff that you can do with the help of artificial intelligence; there is so much more than that you can do with artificial intelligence.