4 Reasons To Use Dry Ice For Your Cold Storage Needs


Ice has always been used for preserving food and other perishable items. Thanks to its numerous benefits over regular ice, dry ice is preferred in multiple industries, such as healthcare, transportation, food and beverages, aerospace, and manufacturing.

When mechanical refrigeration like fridges or freezers isn’t available, ice always comes in handy. But there are many drawbacks of regular ice. For instance, it melts faster and creates a mess when it melts as it turns into water. That’s why many people use dry ice or CO2 ice to cool things.

If you are still struggling with conventional ice, you might want to switch. To convince you to do that, here are four reasons why you should use CO2 ice for your cold storage needs.

1. It’s colder than regular ice.

It’s made by freezing carbon dioxide(CO2) at -109ºF (-78ºC). It is way colder than regular ice, which freezes at 32°F (0°C). Unlike regular ice, CO2 ice doesn’t keep things cool; it actively freezes so that they can last longer.

It is used for freezing ice cream, frozen food, or anything that needs to stay fresh during long journeys. It is also used to cool or freeze perishables that require prolonged refrigeration. For example, food items such as meat and fish need to be refrigerated or frozen to improve their shelf life. Dry ice can be excellent for this purpose.

2. It is easier to transport

Dry ice is way lighter than regular ice. That means it is easier to transport and carry across various locations easily. Imagine transporting massive blocks of regular ice to multiple locations. It would require too much manpower and other resources.

On the other hand, CO2 ice is way lighter than regular ice, making it a perfect choice for transporting across cities and even states.

3. It creates an interesting effect while melting.

You must have seen numerous scary scenes in horror movies where the smoke oozes from the witch’s cauldron or the scary midnight fog in the woods. You’d be surprised to know that the movie’s makers use CO2 ice to create that effect.

As mentioned earlier, CO2 doesn’t melt into a liquid but sublimes into CO2 gas. When you put chunks of CO2 gas into a container of hot water, it starts producing white misty vapors that look like smoke. That’s why CO2 ice is often used to create a smoke effect in movies, Halloween parties, and dance floors.

4. There’s no mess due to water.

One of the main problems with using regular ice to cool things is that it creates a puddle of water when it melts. The water from the ice can create a slippery floor at the site, leading to accidents.

Also, it requires additional work of cleaning the whole place after using ice containers for longer times. CO2 ice doesn’t turn into water when it melts. It evaporates directly into CO2 gas, thus leaving no puddle or mess behind to clean up.

Dry ice is undoubtedly a more suitable choice for freezing things faster and longer. Remember to procure your ice from trusted vendors to ensure you get the best quality at competitive rates.